CNN Anchor Mocks Elderly Trump Supporters in Disgusting Rant

  • 07/13/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
CNN en Español anchor Juan Carlos Lopez attacked tens of millions of Americans for simply being Trump supporters and further debased them as geriatrics with bladder control problems.

Lopez's insensitive snark came during a heated back and forth with pro-Trump commentator Jesús Márquez. 

Per NewsBusters:

JESUS MARQUEZ, LATINOS FOR TRUMP: (Standing) in line for  President Trump's rallies...there are more people waiting in line to go to the bathroom than (there are) at Biden rallies , for example. This is something illogical that we see.. 

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST, CNN: (Laughs out loud) ...oh, my God.

JESUS MARQUEZ, LATINOS FOR TRUMP: It's the truth we see 100 to 200 people...  which we're seeing 40,000 people who love Donald Trump.


JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ, HOST, CHOQUE DE OPINIONES: What happens is...Jesús...Jesús... what happens is that they are in a point in their lives where they have to go to the bathroom more frequently.

In both English and Spanish, the liberal media's depravity knows no bounds.
 Source: AAN
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