Cherokee Nation to Have a Seat in Congress

  • 08/26/2019 12:00 AM
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Cherokee Nation to Have a Seat in Congress
An obscure treaty signed by the Cherokee Nation and the United States government allows the tribe to appoint a delegate to the U.S. Congress.

Now, 184 years after signing the agreement, the largest Native American nation is apparently making good on the federal government's promise.

However, the move is not without controversy. (Hot Air)

The move raises questions about what that representation in Congress would look like and whether the US will honor an agreement it made almost two centuries ago.


So will we agree to this? Particularly in the current climate of social justice activity, it would be a massively unpopular choice to turn them down. Not to mention the fact that we're supposed to honor our treaties.

Keep in mind that the treaty in question was the one that resulted in what came to be known as the Trail of Tears as the Cherokee were moved out to new lands with massive numbers of them dying in the process. And then, of course, there's the whole genocide thing. We promised them a seat in the House as part of that deal. It would be pretty ugly if we didn't make good on the promise now.

Provided this is a non-voting seat, I don't see why it would be much of a problem. We already have several of those, representing the District of Columbia and a few territories. That gives them the chance to have their voices heard without upsetting the balance of power. Now, if they want a voting seat, that's going to complicate matters considerably.

 Source: AAN
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