CEO Willing to Risk It All to Keep Old Glory Flying

  • 05/24/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Born in the chaos of war-torn Lebanon, Marcus Lemonis came to America as an infant. 

His profound gratitude for the opportunities bestowed upon him has never wavered. 

Now, with bureaucrats demanding he lower the American flag hoisted above one of his RV dealerships, the abandoned baby-turned-patriotic American-turned-Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" remains defiant.  

The flag isn’t coming down. It’s the only thing I know for certain. I know I’m going to die. I know I’m going to pay taxes. And I know I’m not taking the flag down,” Lemonis told reporters.

The fight pits Lemonis, CEO of CampingWorld, against the city of Statesville, North Carolina. 

Local ordinances don't allow for flags beyond 1,000 square feet within 100 feet of the highway. The one at recreational vehicle retailer Gander RV is 3,200 square feet.

However, it is compliant with federal aviation regulations.

And it is the same-size flag that flies over Lemonis' 180 dealerships, a symbol of his belief in the American Dream.

City fathers remain uncompromising, fining Lemonis $50 a day – for a total approaching $11,000.
"I don’t care if [the fine] goes to $500 a day. It’s not coming down," Lemonis added.

He's also created a petition for patriotic Americans across the country to sign.

With Memorial Day less than 72 hours away, it's time we let Statesville City Manager Ron Smith know how we feel about flying the flag and showing reverence for all who died serving our country.

Contact Mr. Smith today at (704) 878-3583.

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 Source: AAN
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