California Votes to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

  • 2019-05-03
  • Source: AAN
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California Votes to Keep Trump Off the Ballot
The California Senate passed a bill that if signed by the governor would keep President Trump off the 2020 presidential primary ballot.

Unless he releases his tax returns.

The bill was approved with a party-line vote 27-10. Democrats have a two-thirds supermajority in Sacramento. 

The Hill's Rachel Frazin reports:

The bill is a response to Trump's insistence that he will not release his tax returns as presidential candidates traditionally have done, claiming he is under audit. If the bill becomes law and Trump does not release his returns, he may not appear on the California primary ballot. 

"We believe that President Trump, if he truly doesn’t have anything to hide, should step up and release his tax returns,” said state Sen. Mike McGuire (D) who co-authored the bill, according to the AP.  


The state's legislature passed a similar bill in 2017, but then-Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who did not release his own tax returns, vetoed the bill. A spokesman for Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) told the AP that if the bill was sent to Newsom's desk, "it would be evaluated on its own merits.”


Similar bills are making their way through the Washington and New Jersey state legislatures.

So far, Trump has one primary challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.
 Source: AAN
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