California College Fines Republican Group 15k, For Speaker

California College Fines Republican Group 15k, For Speaker
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Conservative organization Young America’s Foundation (YAF) announced Tuesday that it will cover a $15,000 security fee that UC Berkeley levied on its College Republican group to host political commentator Ben Shapiro on Sept. 14.

UC Berkeley is waiving approximately $13,000 in staffing and venue fees for the event in an effort to show its support for free speech, according to YAF. The incident comes a week after UC Berkeley announced that the 2017-2018 school year would be “Free Speech Year” on campus.

“Berkeley’s tendency to run to friendly press in feeble attempts to curry favor and salvage a damaged public image aren’t working. The outcry from students, conservatives across the country, and even liberal elites including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren proves the indefensibility of Berkeley’s continued anti-conservative and anti-free speech actions,” said Spencer Brown, YAF’s spokesman. “The sincerity of any claims made by Berkeley should be questioned given the school’s past stated inability to find a venue for YAF’s lecture with Ben Shapiro, and public claims that they’d cover the cost of a venue when one suddenly appeared.”

UC Berkeley has occupied the center of a college free speech firestorm in 2017. The school cancelled conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’ February speech amid riots resulting in thousands of dollars in property damage. Ann Coulter also cancelled an April speech after YAF determined a significant threat to student safety.
 Source: Daily Caller
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