Buttigieg Exposed For Covering Up True Source Of Campaign Donations

Buttigieg Exposed For Covering Up True Source Of Campaign Donations
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Democrat Presidential contender Mayor Pete Buttigieg is now under fire after revelations that he omitted the names of twenty high profile donors from the list of bundlers his campaign decided to release from the public.

The move indiciates that Buttigieg may not be too thrilled to have the public actually know who is really funding and supporting his campaign. 

As The Hill reports:

The campaign released a list last week that included the names of more than 100 people who had raised at least $25,000 for Buttigieg, following pressure from Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass.) campaign that he be transparent over his donors,. .

However, the list did not include several people the campaign had hyped as top donors in an internal campaign fundraising report obtained by Politico.

Among those left off the list are Boston power broker Jack Connors Jr., Hollywood producer Jordan Horowitz, hedge fund investor John Petry and former Ambassadors Nicole Avant and John Phillips, who served in the Bahamas and Italy, respectively.

The Buttigieg campaign told Politico that the omissions were made in error and that it would update its public list of campaign bundlers β€œto include an accurate accounting.”

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