BREAKING: Pro-Trump Republican Announces Retirement

  • 07/24/2019 12:00 AM
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BREAKING: Pro-Trump Republican Announces Retirement
United States Congress [Public domain]

Congressman Paul Mitchell represents the most Republican district in the State of Michigan. 

Until January of 2021, that is. 

The Macomb County Republican announced today he plans to leave Washington, D.C. after his term ends. (Washington Post)

Rep. Paul Mitchell, a second-term Michigan Republican with a House GOP leadership position, plans to announce Wednesday that he will not run for reelection next year, voicing frustration that "rhetoric overwhelms policy" in Washington.


"A career in Washington has never been my objective," Mitchell plans to say. "My objective has always been simply to work to address significant challenges this nation faces: health care, immigration, and infrastructure for example. However, it appears to me that rhetoric overwhelms policy, and politics consumes much of the oxygen in this city."


In his floor speech, Mitchell plans to say that he has been proud to be a member of Congress.

"But I have also begun asking myself about making a difference for my family," he will say, according to his prepared remarks. "My children of all ages — but the youngest just 9 years old — have accepted their dad traveling this country extensively, working a demanding schedule, and frequently interrupting 'family time' with calls, emails and text messages."

 Source: AAN
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