BREAKING: NY Times' Star Reporter PREYS On Young Women

  • 11/20/2017 12:00 AM
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BREAKING: NY Times' Star Reporter PREYS On Young Women
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The New York Times suspended its famed correspondent, Glenn Thrush after news website Vox published disturbing allegations of their star reporter's sexual misconduct towards female journalists.

Several women came forward after Thrush wrote a self-aggrandizing Facebook post, chastizing liberal political commentator Mark Halperin for assaulting at least a dozen female staffers.

According to Laura McGann, "Thrush wrote, 'young people who come into a newsroom deserve to be taught our trade, given our support and enlisted in our calling — not betrayed by little men who believe they are bigger than the mission.'"

One 23-year-old woman told Ms. McGann in detail how Thrush, then 50, left her in tears on a dark street corner last June after gaining her trust as a mentor figure, before ruthlessly trying to take her home.

Other women, all of them at least 20 years Thrush's junior, described a range of experiences from troubling to likely criminal – including unwanted groping to drunken one night stands, where consent between strangers is dubious at best.

All of the stories reveal a pattern of behavior. The women were young, fledgling reporters eager to stand out in an ultra-competitive environment. They knew powerful networking connections, like Thrush, could provide them with career opportunities unattainable anywhere else.

Few if any, wanted to sever relationships with the seasoned reporter despite their feelings of shame, disgust, and anger. 

In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, these young women abandoned the idea staying quiet.  

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 Source: AAN
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