BREAKING: Liberal Governor Throws Poor Children Out of Private Schools

The previous Republican Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, created a school voucher program that allowed poor Louisiana students to attend private schools. Then Louisiana elected a Democratic governor in 2015, who was beholden to the teachers’ unions.   

Louisiana has had budget issues for several years now. When it came time to make budget cuts, Louisiana’s Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, has decided to cut the voucher program. His stroke of a pen has screwed poor, mostly black kids out of an education, just a month before schools start in Louisiana. 

From National Review:  

Nikesha Hudson is one of the tens of thousands of parents in Louisiana who have, out of devotion to their children, fought to place them in private schools that participate in the state’s school-choice program. As the public-school system crumbles around them, these parents perform the due diligence necessary to enroll their children in area Catholic schools that offer the faith-based structure and consistent academic excellence that put their children on a path to achievement.  

 Her daughter, Nicole Jack, was a prime candidate for Our Lady of Prompt Succor. Despite coming from a disadvantaged community, she demonstrated real academic potential; her mother knew she’d be the perfect fit for the school-choice program and their desired Catholic school.  

 “My daughter is very gifted. She makes straight As, and she reads beyond her grade level, so she deserves to go to a better school,” Hudson told WDSU in New Orleans. 

 So Hudson applied for the Louisiana Scholarship program in hopes of qualifying her daughter for the $4,800 tuition assistance. In April, the family learned she was approved by the Louisiana Department of Education. The agency cautioned that her placement was contingent upon continued funding for the scholarship.  

Hudson is one of the parents who lost her scholarship money from the state. This was despite the fact the state raised $2 billion in taxes in this past year.  

Scott McKay at The Hayride describes the voucher program as a miniscule item in a state budget of $26 billion. He describes the cuts as “an active, hostile act by the governor in service to his masters in the teacher unions.”  

Democrats prioritize teachers’ unions over children in education. They consistently fight to weaken education standards and prevent any attempts to escape the government monopoly in education or create competition to it. Children always suffer as a result, like they are in Louisiana.  
 Source: Another Democrat puts special interests ahead of the poor
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