BREAKING: Legal Troubles Come for Comey

  • 08/29/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
The inspector general report released this morning explained how fired FBI Director James Comey didn't always live up to his boy scout persona. 

It specifically details how Comey violated the bureau's policies by mishandling and leaking memos detailing private conservations with President Trump. (Fox News)

Comey admitted to Congress in June 2017 that, after he was fired, he purposefully leaked several memos through an intermediary to ensure that a special counsel would be appointed. The media firestorm that followed the leak proved a watershed moment that led to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's appointment.

Public outrage centered on the news that Comey wrote in one of his memos that Trump had told him, "I hope you can let this go," amid reports that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had lied to the FBI and senior White House officials about his contacts with Russia's government.


Flynn later pleaded guilty to one count of lying to FBI agents in the White House.

Although Comey said he wrote the memos so that they would not contain classified information, two of Comey's memos were later determined by the FBI to contain information classified at the "sensitive" level.

 Source: AAN
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