BONUS.) Astronomical Connection

  • 10/11/2019 12:00 AM
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BONUS.) Astronomical Connection
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via ( Flickr

Astronomy is very important in the world of navigation, especially prior to the invention of the steam engine.

Columbus knew the subject very well and used it to his advantage on many occasions, one story though is leagues above the others. 

It is said that Columbus and his crew were stranded on one of their journeys and the tribe they ran into wasn’t all that friendly. When he tried to trade for supplies, they denied him. Without these supplies, Columbus and his crew were doomed.

However, Columbus had knowledge the natives didn’t: an eclipse was going to happen soon.

Columbus told the natives that his god was going to eat the sun because they wouldn’t give him the needed supplies. Initially, the tribal elders laughed him off. Then, just as Columbus knew, a solar eclipse happened and the sun blacked out.

Needless to say, Columbus set sail with a  ship full of supplies and made it back home safely.

 Source: AAN
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