Blue State Tries to Ban Hunting One Town at a Time

  • 08/01/2019 12:00 AM
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Blue State Tries to Ban Hunting One Town at a Time
By The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
New Jersey's roughly one million gun owners feel under siege thanks to Governor Phil Murphy (D) and extremist anti-hunting groups. 

While Murphy never misses an opportunity to take potshots at sportsmen and hunters, radical advocacy groups – emboldened by the governor – have severely restricted the Garden State's black bear hunt.

But they're not content to stop there. (Bearing Arms)

Energized by wins such as arbitrarily pushing the bear hunt off state lands (over 60% of the available bear hunting land in the state) and wins in other towns such as Holmdel, anti-hunters are now trying to sneak a through a legal backdoor to ban hunting, by going to each of New Jersey's 565 municipalities and ban our sports town by town, borough by borough, until there is no land left to hunt in the state.

Check out this petition by the "League Of Humane Voters Of New Jersey" attempting to end the River Vale, New Jersey deer hunt:


This is the game – anti-hunting extremists are taking small towns with large tracts of public and private hunting land to court (or the court of public opinion, with their throngs of followers from all over creation) and forcing local anti-hunting ordinances into law that chip away slowly but effectively at a sporting heritage that is as old as mankind.


It's up to hunters, fishermen, trappers, gun owners and shootists of all stripes to come together to protect the sports we love. We are playing dominoes, and if one of these gets knocked down it just gets easier for them to force it straight down the line and into your sport, too.

 Source: AAN
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