Big Tech Silences Whistleblower Exposing Anti-Trump Bias

  • 06/26/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Big Tech Silences Whistleblower Exposing Anti-Trump Bias

All evidence suggests big tech has launched a coordinated effort to purge Project Veritas in response to the conservative watchdog's latest exposé.

In under 48 hours, social media giants YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter have taken punitive action against Project Veritas and its allies. 

Retribution came swiftly after O'Keefe's investigators published a damning video of a sting operation indicating that Google's top executives were willing to manipulate algorithms to hurt Trump's chances in 2020. (Townhall)

Last night, Beth covered how Twitter bogusly restricted the Project Veritas Twitter account for supposedly violating somebody's personal privacy by posting internal documents from the social media site Pinterest. These documents leaked by a whistleblower show that the tech company was actively, and falsely, labeling the pro-life group LiveAction as "pornography" and other falsehoods against conservatives in order to suppress content. Pinterest responded not by punishing the employees who mislabeled pro-lifers, but by banning LiveAction from their platform. Their crime? They were apparently spreading misinformation, according to the website. What that misinformation was exactly is unclear. The employee who released the information was subsequently fired.

Pinterest released the following statement to the Daily Caller defending their actions:

" was actioned for misinformation related to conspiracies and anti-vaccination advice, and not porn. Sometimes our internal tools have legacy names for the technology that enforces some of our policies. This technology was named years ago to combat porn, and has since expanded to a variety of content despite retaining its original internal name. We are updating our internal labeling to make this clear."

As for Twitter, in order to get their account back online, Project Veritas deleted the tweet which apparently violated the company's terms of service. But shortly after this occurred the founder of Project Veritas, James O'Keefe, announced that YouTube had now inexplicably deleted the entire video from its platform. 

President Trump came out swinging against Silicon Valley after the latest developments in an interview with Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo.
 Source: AAN
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