Biden's Sandy Hook Claim Doesn't Hold Up to Scrutiny

  • 10/24/2019 12:00 AM
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Biden's Sandy Hook Claim Doesn't Hold Up to Scrutiny
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Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a new campaign ad where the Democratic frontrunner claims he met with the families of all the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

However, one victim's brother is disputing those claims.
The Daily Wire's Molly Prince has more:

"This issue of gun violence has been a concern of mine for a long, long time. What really got to me though really firsthand was what happened up at Sandy Hook," Biden says in the video. "I think I met with every one of the parents and or the families of those who were lost — little kids."

"I met with the police officers who investigated that. They had great difficulty handling what they saw, just going in and seeing those babies and it just enraged me," he continued. "When I sat down with those parents — I've lost a child, not to gun violence [but] I've lost two children. It is the most devastating thing that could happen to a parent. But I can't fathom, fathom how they must have felt."


JT Lewis, who lost his six-year-old brother Jesse during the attack, challenged Biden's claim by claiming that former President Barack Obama had met with each of the grieving families — and not Biden.


Lewis later doubled down on his statement in a series of tweets criticizing the Democratic presidential candidate for falsely claiming to have experienced Sandy Hook firsthand while it was actually Obama who did so. He also harkened back to a previous claim that Biden made, where he stated that he met with the families of the deadly Parkland shooting in 2018. At the time, President Donald Trump was in office and Biden's claim was quickly debunked.

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 Source: AAN
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