Bernie Complains as Progressives Criticize Him for Being a Millionaire

  • 04/15/2019 12:00 AM
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Bernie Complains as Progressives Criticize Him for Being a Millionaire
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Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) leads a movement that believes rich people should contribute exponentially more money to the state. 

Unfortunately, for the Vermont Senator, the progressive organization ThinkProgress is having a hard time reconciling Sanders' personal wealth with the principles of the movement he seeks to lead.

Sanders could have taken decisive action to defuse this issue, including donating his wealth to charities or investing it liberal causes. It appears he couldn't bear to part with his newfound fortune, courtesy of writing a bestselling book.

But you would think he would have had a better excuse. (Hot Air)

His preferred justification instead, essentially, is “Sorry for being successful.” Which literally every self-made millionaire in the United States — and most millionaires are self-made — could also say.



Although good luck convincing anyone that a figure with a cult following as devoted as Sanders had no clue that a book he wrote might earn some serious scratch. If the book wasn’t designed to make him rich, why didn’t he eschew royalties? Or have his royalties assigned to Justice Democrats or whoever?

Precisely because he has no good excuse for all this and he knows it, he’s touchy about being criticized for it — especially by Democrats:

Senator Bernie Sanders, in a rare and forceful rebuke by a presidential candidate of an influential party ally, has accused a liberal think tank of undermining Democrats’ chances of taking back the White House in 2020 by “using its resources to smear” him and other contenders pushing progressive policies…

 Source: AAN
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