Anti-Gun Judge Insults Rape Survivor, Enraging Everyone

Anti-Gun Judge Insults Rape Survivor, Enraging Everyone
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Controversial judge Kenneth Walker seems have stepped in it again. Judge Walker, of Multnomah County, is best known for his rant about wanting to confiscate all guns and throw them into the ocean. But now he may be staking a new claim to fame. During the sentencing for a domestic abuse case, Walker reprimanded the victim three times during her victim’s impact statement, before he eventually left the courtroom without even bothering to hear what she had to say. He’s now facing multiple complaints submitted Oregon Judicial Fitness Commission.

The Oregonian first reported:

Dana Parks appeared in a Multnomah County courtroom last month armed with a four-page, typed statement. In December, her ex-boyfriend, who’d already pleaded guilty once to assaulting her, had pleaded guilty to a second assault charge and to violating his probation regarding his first assault conviction. Now, Zachary Ball, 22, was in court to be formally sentenced.

But while she attempted to read her victim impact statement, Judge Kenneth R. Walker interrupted three times and ultimately walked out of the courtroom without allowing her to finish, according to a tape of the hearing.

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