Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney Running for Congress

  • 01/10/2020 12:00 AM
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Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney Running for Congress
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Agnes Gibboney lives with the pain all parents dread. The loss of a child.

Even worse, the tragedy was entirely avoidable. An illegal immigrant gang member murdered Gibboney's son — Ronald Da Silva — 17 years ago, while Silva was on his way to visit his girlfriend.

And yet, miraculously, she's moved past the depths of despair by confronting her pain and running for Congress to help implement President Trump's vision of a safe and secure border. [ACT NOW to Ensure Gibboney's Message is Heard]

From this gut-wrenching experience, she knows that the status quo is not only unsustainable; it is immoral. Congress must act.

Gibboney hopes to represent California's 31st District, a part of the Golden State's Inland Empire, where the conservative Republican has spent much of her adult life. [ACT NOW to Ensure Gibboney's Message is Heard]

But getting there didn't come easily.

Born behind the Iron Curtain in Hungary, her family fled with 200,000 refugees as the Red Army ruthlessly suppressed the nationwide 1956 revolution.

The two-year-old Gibboney and her family waited patiently in a refugee camp for nearly a year, dreaming of a better life in America. But lawful immigration can present unexpected challenges. Gibboney's family had to first immigrate to Brazil, where they waited another 13 years to prove their case. 

They never wavered in their determination to enter the United States legally.

Perseverance has defined Gibboney's journey. No one denies she has the tenacity to mount a successful congressional run, but at that level, the number and effectiveness of your supporters — not any one individual — determines success.

The campaign will be intense, but it is winnable. Republican Gary Miller represented the 31st District until retiring in January 2015. Despite being massively outspent, GOP nominee Paul Chabot came within two-and-a-half points of succeeding him. [ACT NOW to Ensure Gibboney's Message is Heard]

Whether or not Agnes Gibboney wins the next election, she remains committed to humanely ending illegal immigration and supporting candidates who do, so that other families can avoid her fate.
 Source: AAN
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