3.) Shooting Down Dem Talking Points

  • 11/19/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
Vindman had significant problems with Trump's phone call, but with that being said, Democrats on the Intelligence Committee couldn't rely on him to parrot their talking points. 

Remember that Democrats allege Trump demand Zelensky investigate the business dealings of Hunter Biden while on the board of Burisma Holdings in order to receive essential military aid. Democrats continue that the White House nefariously omitted the word "Burisma" from the call transcript, which was then "hidden" in a secure server.

However, Vindman displayed independence, stating that the omission of the word "Burisma" wasn't "significant." Vindman attributed the oversight to human error by "the folks that produce these transcripts." Furthermore, the transcript describes Burisma as "the company," which is accurate according to Vindman's testimony.

Vindman then proceeded to counter the narrative that the White House moved the transcript to a secure server to hide it from Democrats.

"This is definitely not unprecedented," Vindman said in response to the Democrats' legal counsel asking if storing transcripts on a secure server is unusual. He added, "At times, if you want to limit access to a smaller group of folks you put it on the secure system to insure that a smaller group of people with access to the secure system have it."
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 Source: AAN
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