3.) LGBT Attack

  • 07/24/2019 12:00 AM
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3.) LGBT Attack
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A Manhattan subway rider claims that they were assaulted by two men who were screaming homophobic slurs at him. However, the police have come out to tell a different story after their investigation. 

The police say that the LGBT subway rider was actually the attacker, not the two men. The unnamed 25-year-old accuser allegedly attacked the two strangers verbally and then spit on them.

He was subdued by bystanders and received a cut to his head when he was brought to the ground. The police finished their investigation by concluding that they believe the man was drunk

Despite all the hard evidence the media still ran the story as if it were a hate crime against a member of the LGBT community, not as a suspected hoax concocted by an assailant after a fight on the subway. 

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 Source: AAN
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