20 Quotes You Absolutely Must Hear About Guns

  • 03/21/2018 12:00 AM
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20 Quotes You Absolutely Must Hear About Guns
The debate over what our Founders considered the inalienable right to bear arms has raged front and center in America's culture war over the last few decades.

For many on the left, the men who founded our nation and set it on a path to greatness were deeply flawed, even immoral. And the Constitution they ratified, obsolete. That includes the right to keep and bear arms. 

However, the political-economic system they designed propelled America from a backwater colony to the world's undisputed superpower in less than 200 years. Conservatives inherently recognize this. We also appreciate how tyrants have curtailed man's inalienable rights – including the right to self-defense – to unleash the greatest crimes in history.

These twenty quotes about guns from historical figures, celebrities, and politicians will inspire, surprise, and shock you. While some are predictable, like #5, others – including #3, #17, and #19 – are stunning.

 Source: AAN
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