2.) Belle Gunness

  • 2018-11-29
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After a devastating fire ravages her husband's business and home, Belle Gunness finds herself widowed and childless.

Still, Gunness marries another man with the riches of the insurance policy she collected – but yet again, her new husband and their infant daughter suspiciously perish and more insurance money is collected by the once again widdowed Belle.
Unfortunately, people in the late nineteenth century couldn't imagine a woman capable of such depravity. 

Soon after her first murders in 1884, Gunness begins luring rich men onto her farm only for them to vanish without a trace in the year.

Finally – in 1908 – local police investigate. What the found haunted the most seasoned detectives.

Forty dead men are found on the property, but Belle has vanished into the night, never to be seen again. 

 Source: AAN
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