1.) Thomas Custer

  • 05/27/2019 12:00 AM
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Thomas Custer was the first soldier in history to receive two Medal of Honor awards, he earned both medals in the Civil War. The battle of Namozine Church is where he received the first. He bravely led a cavalry charge towards a barricade as Confederate fire rained down on him and his men, after getting over the barricade he took the Confederate flag and captured 3 Confederate officers and 11 soldiers.

His second medal came just three days later at the Battle of Sailor’s Creek. He leaped over a Confederate barricade and was shot in the face but still pushed onward. He killed the Confederate flag bearer and returned the flag to Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer, his brother. Instead of going to the surgeon as ordered he tried to go back to the battle, his brother had him arrested by the military police for disobeying this order.

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