Article Index

What Would a Bernie Administration Look Like?

1.) Stacey Abrams: Vice President

2.) Keith Ellison: Attorney General

3.) Ben Jealous: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

4.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Treasury Secretary

5.) Pramila Jayapal: Health and Human Services Secretary

6.) Ro Khanna: Secretary of Defense

BONUS) Propaganda Network of Choice: Russia Today

Trump Gives Greta Powerful Life Lesson

Rural Virginia Counties Push to Join West Virginia

Hunter Biden Gets Piece of Mail No One Wants Ever

Chinese Officials Warn of Cover-Up as Mutating Virus Spreads

Senate Democrats Open to Hunter Biden Testifying

Liberal Journalist Shames Woman for Not Selling Toothbrush for One Cent

Trump's Optimism Meets Greta's Wrath

REPORT: Avenatti Struggling Behind Bars

Warren Wants New Task Force to Investigate Trump If Elected

Clinton Rips Sanders in Interview

The Top 10 Most Pro-Gun Founding Fathers

1.) Patrick Henry

2.) James Madison

5.) Benjamin Franklin

6.) John Adams

7.) Noah Webster

10.) George Washington

Lawsuits Filed Against House Democrats' Impeachment Witness

Trump Admin Honors African American Pearl Harbor Hero in Big Way

2020 Democratic Field Collectively Outraising Trump By Huge Margin

More Bodies Turn Up on Mexican Estate Where Americans Found Dead

NBC Reporter Calls Annual Pro-Gun Event 'White Nationalist Rally'

9.) Samuel Adams

8.) Alexander Hamilton

Antifa Group Joining Conservatives to Protest Gun Grabbers

4.) Thomas Jefferson

3.) George Mason

REPORT: DHS Approved $100K in Taxpayer Money to CAIR

John Brennan's Completely But Unsurprisingly Warped Take

Military Media Outlet Puts Trump-Hating Millennial in Charge

Islamic State's 'Jabba the Hutt' Meets Humiliating End

WATCH: Cop Goes Above and Beyond to Uphold Constitution

Fox News' Shannon Bream Signs New Deal

California Teachers Could Be Forced to Teach Climate Change

People Behind False Accusations Against GOP Politician Fined $10M

FBI, ICE Review Criminal Allegations Against Ilhan Omar

Grisly New Evidence in Epstein Case

Democratic Official's Daughter Arrested

Iraqi Refugee Announces Campaign Against Ilhan Omar

REPORT: Flint's Emergency Relief Funds Didn't Go to Clean Water

White House Fires Back at Parnas' Allegations

Fed Pummels De Blasio After Illegal Immigrant's Heinous Act

Elizabeth Warren Definitely Does Not Want You to See This Video

Eight Democrats Who Backed Trump on Iran

1.) Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey

2.) Kendra Horn of Oklahoma

3.) Joe Cunningham of South Carolina

4.) Elaine Luria of Virginia

5.) Ben McAdams of Utah

6.) Stephanie Murphy of Florida

7.) Anthony Brindisi of New York

8.) Max Rose of New York

IRS Agents Arrest Michael Avenatti

Obama National Security Adviser Applauds Trump

Cruz Open to Witnesses in Senate Trial

Five Takeaways From Bernie Staffer's Tyrannical Rants

1.) Light Them on Fire

2.) Scorched-Earth Tactics

3.) War on Women

4.) So Much for the First Amendment

5.) What If Trump Wins?

6.) Greatest Reactions

Transgender Activist Assaults Reporter for Doing His Job

Mark Meadows to Appeal Surveillance Court's FBI Reforms Ruling

Shepard Smith in Talks With MSNBC

DOJ Recommends Maximum Prison Sentence for GOP Rep.

Meet the Lead on Trump's Impeachment Defense Team

1.) Unwavering Trump Supporter

2.) Trump Admires Him

3.) Private Sector Past

4.) And Public Sector Experience

5.) Laura Ingraham's Mentor

McCabe, Comey Pressured FBI to Publish Fake Sex Smear Against Trump

Trump May Face Criminal Charges in Plot By New York City Officials

Liberal Terrorists Set Fire to Pro-Lifer's Car, Threaten His Children

Terrified Dems Warn Sanders and Warren Mean Trump Tidal Wave

FLASHBACK: Obama White House Admitted Airlifted Cash Would Go to Iranian Forces Who Shot Down Ukrainian Airline

Cory Booker Suspends White House Run

Leading Democrat Won't Acknowledge If Ocasio-Cortez is Good for the Party

Journalist Alleging Obama Administration Spied on Her Pursues Litigation

Fox News Correspondents Engage in Vicious Clash

'Deadbeat' AOC Infuriates Democrat Colleagues

Chick-fil-A's Change of Heart

Universities Raking in the Most Saudi Money

9.) University of Berkeley, California

8.) Eastern Washington University

7.) University of Kansas

5.) USC

3.) George Mason University

2.) George Washington University

1.) MIT

Special Forces Tried and Failed to Kill Second Iranian Commander

National Park Removes Signs Predicting Glaciers Impending Demise

Marianne Williamson Drops Out of the Race for the White House

4.) University of Delaware

6.) Harvard University

10.) GIT

Whistleblower: Obama Administration Sent Letters to Soleimani

Fmr Fox News Star Notably Absent After Trump Claim

Gaetz Explains Why He Sided With Democrats Over Trump


6.) PHASR Rifle

5.) Rail Guns

4.) Black Ops

3.) Strategic Bombing

2.) Predator Drones

1.) Ballistic Missiles (Tehran's Favorite Weapon)

All the Ways We Can Hit Iran

The Death of the Terrorist Master, Soleimani

Vandal Torches Anti-Trump Statue in Slovenia

Liberal Reporter: Someone Hacked My IP Address and Downloaded Child Porn

The Most Disgusting Responses to Trump's Iran Victory

1.) Michael Moore

2.) Ilhan Omar (Shocking, I Know)

3.) Anonymous Democrat

4.) MSNBC's Chris Hayes

5.) Obama Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer

6.) Ilhan Omar Again

7.) Colin Kaepernick

REPORT: Chelsea Clinton Made $9M From Corporate Board Position

CNN Reaches Settlement With Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann

Where Fox News' Pro-Trump Hosts Stand on Iran Escalation

1.) Tucker Carlson: Against

2.) Pete Hegseth: For

3.) Laura Ingraham: Against

4.) Sean Hannity: For

BREAKING: U.S. Base Comes Under Missile Attack

Investigator: Hunter Biden Used Dead Brother's Identity to Hide

Virginia Democrats Introduce Even More Gun Control Bills

Sanders Equates Soleimani Strike to Assassination of Pro-Democracy Activists

Everything President Trump Has Done or Fixed

1.) Good Night Terrorists

2.) Space Force

3.) Energy Superpower

3.) Surging Wages

4.) Real Healthcare Reform

5.) Better Care for Our Veterans

9.) USMCA Trade Deal

12.) Judges, Judges, Judges

Leftist Mocks Dead Nine-Year-Old to Diss Trump

11.) Tax Reform

10.) Hostages Freed

8.) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

7.) Crushing the Poverty Rate

6.) First Step Act

Pompeo's Fox News Appearance Goes Viral

Another Kennedy Announces Political Campaign

Maxine Waters Fooled By Greta Thunberg Prank

Possible Cartel Violence Claims Life of American Boy

Veteran, Diplomat, and College Athlete Omari Faulker Announces GOP Senate Run

Don't Worship Unarmed

GOP Rep. Phil Roe Retiring

IRS Placed Lien on Hunter Biden for $113,000 in Unpaid Taxes

Terror Leaders Trump Has Annihilated

1.) Hamza bin Laden

2.) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

3.) Abu Hassan al-Muhajir

4.) Qasem Soleimani

5.) Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis

French Police 'Neutralize' Suspected Terrorist

Soleimani Was Planning Imminent Attacks to Kill Americans

General Shreds Democrat for Criticizing Strike on Iran's Top Military Commander

Bloomberg and Steyer on Track to Be Biggest Presidential Flops in History

Hecklers Ruthlessly Mock Biden at Campaign Event

Biden Considering GOP Running Mate If Nominated

Trump Administration Announces Flavored E-Cigarettes Ban

Biden Urges Coal Miners to Learn to Code

The Cutest Video You Didn't Know You Needed

California's Death Spiral Begins as Population Plunges

Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney Running for Congress

Julián Castro Ends Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump's Greatest 2019 Tweets

1.) The Anti-Benghazi

2.) Trump Tower Nuuk

3.) Who's a Good Boy!


5.) Better Than Season Eight

6.) Happy New Year!

7.) Calling Out Pelosi


Bad News: Scientists Say the World Ends This Week

Environmentalists Ban New Year's Fireworks in Drive to Make Everyone as Miserable as Them

REPORT: Embassy Attack Leader Invited to Obama White House

AOC Slams US as 'Fascist' But is Embarrassed By Actual Definition

Comey Fires Back at Trump

1.) Stage One: Having Your World Rocked

2.) Stage Two: A Kind of Numbness

3.) Sad Old Guy (And His Sad Supporters)

4.) Alexander Hamilton Redux

The Latest Frontier in the Left's War on Academic Freedom

Everything You Need to Know About the Texas Church Shooting Hero

1.) His Campaign Website Says It All

2.) He Had No Choice

3.) The Victims

4.) A Firearms Expert

5.) Who Opposes Gun Control

BREAKING: Armed Shooter Stopped By Good Guys With Guns

Irony Meter Explodes as Al Sharpton Accuses Trump Supporters of Using Faith for Political Power

Anti-Semitic Terror: Five Stabbed in Rabbi's Home

Politicians We Lost in 2019

1.) Ross Perot

3.) Elijah Cummings

4.) Ernest "Fritz" Hollings

5.) John Dingell

Governor's Gun Confiscation Campaign Set to Begin

Instagram Fitness Model: 'My Vegan Identity Crumbled Immediately' After Trying Meat

Climate Activists Caught Faking List of 11,000 Scientists 'Declaring Climate Emergency'

REPORT: FBI Came Up Empty on Trump Associates

Michael Moore's Latest Prediction: Four More Years

Shooting Victim's Widow Now Campaigning Against Red Flag Gun Grabs

Governor Vetoes Wildly Popular Bill to Spite Trump

Murkowski Appears to Buck McConnell

Rumors Swirl Famed Lawyer Will Join Trump's Legal Team

2.) Thad Cochran

Trump Fuels Pardon Speculation on Christmas

RINOs Unveil PAC to Defeat Trump

Warren Ally Praises Terrorist Leader

North Carolina Towns Forced to Cancel Christmas Parades

Longtime Lawmaker Charged With Bribery, Fraud

White House Hopeful Declines to Free Accusers From NDAs

Top Union Leader Praises Trump Over Huge Win

Unexpected Senator Hints He'll Acquit Trump

US Officials Brace for North Korean ICBM Test

David Hogg Finally Breaks

Obamacare Fails as Record Number of Americans Put Off Medical Care

VIDEO: Taylor Swift Calls Out George Soros for Trying to 'Buy Me'

Democrats Endorse House Challenger Despite Comments Praising Bestiality, Smearing Women

White Out: DNC Debate Rules Block Black, Hispanic Candidates

Beto Returns to Politics

China Pays New York Times, Washington Post to Publish Propaganda

All Smiles for Ilhan Omar's Lover After Divorce Finalized

Fmr '60 Minutes' Correspondent Launches $25M Lawsuit

5.) TV Fee Bill

4.) Election Security

3.) Gun Violence Research Funds

2.) Coal Miner Pensions

1.) Raising the Tobacco Minimum Age

Here Is What Congress Snuck Into The Omnibus Spending Bill

U.N. Peacekeepers In Haiti Tied To Neglect of Children

New York Post Destroys 'Swamp Mistress' Pelosi

GOP Breaks Fundraising Record In Midst Of Impeachment

BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Rules Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional

5.) More due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials

4.) You view democracy as your enemy!

3.) It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I!

2.) You dare to invoke the Founding Fathers

1.) You have cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!

The Best Parts Of Trump's Letter to Pelosi

Will Trump Finally Repeal Clinton Military Base Gun Ban?

Tucker Carlson Scorches MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Over His Family Hypocrisy

Buttigieg Exposed For Covering Up True Source Of Campaign Donations

4.) Comey Getting Jail Time?

3.) Hiding Evidence

2.) Comey’s Response

1.) IG Report

Fox News Host Slams James Comey, Interview Tells All

McConnell Plans Trap For Dems On Impeachment

AOC Furious Over American's Having Too Many Healthcare Choices

Spending On Crucial Political Issues Pales In Comparison To Holiday Spending

Liberal Media Attacks Army Cadets

Bernie Sanders Praises Ilhan Omar, Claims She's One Of The 'Bravest' Members Of Congress

Schumer's Hypocrisy On Impeachment Exposed

Obama Claims Women Are 'Indisputably Better' Than Men

Railway Company Retracts Apology To Greta Thunberg After Activist's Hypocrisy Revealed

America's Welfare System Is Broken And Killing The American Dream

Democrat Congressman Watches Golf During Impeachment Hearing

Video Emerges Of Teens Viciously Attacking 14-Year-Old Boy For Allegedly Wearing Trump Hat

New Poll Shows Support For Impeachment At All Time Low

AOC Endorses Infamous Foreign Anti-Semite

Trump Trolls Greta Thunberg With Hilarious Tweet

Rashida Tlaib Blames Black Supremacist Murder Of Jews On ' White Supremacy'

AOC Compares Having Children To Dog Breeding

8.) Joseph Stalin Again

7.) Greta Thunberg

6.) Angela Merkel

5.) “The Protester”

4.) Vladimir Putin

3.) King Faisal

2.) Joseph Stalin

1.) Adolf Hitler

The 8 Worst Picks for Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

New Nonpartisan Report Destroys Warren's Wealth Tax Math

New Nike Ad Unveils New Full Body Swimsuit with 'Hijab' Head Covering

Rand Paul Demands US-Saudi Relationship Be Re-Examined After Florida Massacre

New Jersey Mass Shooters Linked To 'Black Hebrew Israelite' Extremist Group

Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg Named 'Person of the Year' By Time Magazine

Chaotic Shootout In New Jersey Leaves Six Dead, Including One Police Officer

U.S. Attorney Durham Releases Stunning Statement Disputing FISA Report

New Poll Shows Hillary As Dem Primary Frontrunner

Trump and Pelosi Reach Deal on Historic Trade Agreement

Democrats Announce Official Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

Fox News Announces That Bill Hemmer Will Replace Shepard Smith

Grandson Of George H.W. Bush Set To Enter Congressional Race

New Documents Show US Leaders Lied To The American People About Afghanistan War

Patriot Disrupts Impeachment Proceedings, Accuses Top Dem Of Treason

FBI Intensifies Terror Investigation

Homophobia, Racism, and More Linked to Presidential Campaign

Rashida Tlaib Headlines Anti-Semitic Conference

Another Republican Congressman Retires

UPDATE: Military Base Shooting Investigated as Possible Terrorism

Democratic Rep to Resign After Being Charged With Stealing $500K

The Greatest Threats to Our Republic Had Nothing to Do With Trump

1.) The Darkest Days of the Revolution

2.) James Buchanan Twiddles His Thumbs

3.) Battle of Chancellorsville

4.) World War II

Will Hillary Respond to Dare?

WATCH: Biden Calls Democrat Voter 'Fat' and 'Damn Liar'

Democrats' Star Witness Developed Facebook Oversight Board

U.S. City Approves Reparations

FLASHBACK: That Time Jerry Nadler and Friends Opposed Impeachment

MS-13 Victims Find the Gang Where They Least Expected

Pelosi Caught 'Fighting' Climate Change on Your Dime

Employer Survey: Supporting Trump Could Keep You From Getting Hired

CNN Employee Alleges Executive Threatened to Kill Him

The Cheapest Shots Taken at Today's Impeachment Hearing

1.) You Just Had to Bring Up Baron

2.) Trigger Warning

3.) Couldn't They Find a Single Objective Witness?

4.) What Does THAT Even Mean?

5.) Star Witness Doesn't Grasp History

6.) Gaetz Strikes Back

BONUS: The Other Great Smackdowns

Matt Gaetz Eviscerates Democrats' Star Witnesses

Schiff Subpoenas and Publishes Private Phone Records

Constitutional Expert: Democrats Setting Terrible Precedent

Grab These Guns Before the Left Bans Them

1.) AR-15

2.) AK-47

3.) Any Belt-Fed Firearm

4.) Colt 1911

5.) Semi-Automatic Shotgun

6.) Completed Lower

7.) Glock Series

8.) As Many Mags As Possible

Estate Worker: Clinton was Epstein's Closest Famous Friend

Transgender Activist Targets Gynecologists

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Quits

Barr Disagrees With IG Report on Trump Campaign Spying

Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty to Corruption Charges

Controversial Senate Appointment Revealed

Biden's Latest Anecdote is So Much Worse With Visuals

YouTube's Anti-Trump Purge Hasn't Merely Begun. It's Raging.

Supreme Court Shows Little Appetite for Gun Rights Case

Republican Governor Defies Trump Over Senate Appointment

Democrat Congressional Staffer Sentenced in Savage Assault on Trump Supporter

Biden Continues Slow Crumble as Top Latina Adviser Bails

Warren Campaign in Shambles as Socialist Embrace Becomes Kiss of Death

Woman Mauled to Death After Liberals Mock Locals for Carrying Guns

Liberal Teacher Calls for Targeted Killings of Trump Supporters

Trump's Surprise Thanksgiving Trip Honors America's Heroes

Guess Who Suffers Under Bernie's Grand Plan?

Arrest Sparks Second Amendment Outcry

Fox News Star Opens Up About Life-Changing Tragedy

Antifa Member Learns the Hard Way Who Not to Mess With

The Left's Insidious Swing State Plan to Stop Trump

One of Trump's 2016 MVPs is Now Working to Defeat Him

Democrats Fail to Find Candidate to Challenge Cotton

Millennials Triggered By 'Secret Santa'

Hollywood Movies Worth Watching This Thanksgiving

1.) The Irishman

2.) A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

3.) Ford v Ferrari

4.) Midway

Now That You're Done With the Turkey, Start Binge-Watching These Kick-A** Shows

1.) Deadwood: The Movie

2.) Peaky Blinders

3.) Jack Ryan

4.) Mindhunter

5.) The Crown

6.) The Vietnam War

Mexico's Most Violent Cartel Wreaks Havoc on Small Town America

Limbaugh Throws Pelosi a Lifeline

FLASHBACK: That Time Schiff Ran Against Impeachment

CNN Slanders Trump Supporters as Mindless Cult Members

Supreme Court Lets Lawsuit Against Conservatives Proceed

Nunes Finds Loophole Sure to Infuriate Schiff

Liberals Apoplectic at the Sight of Conan the Hero Dog

Trump's Support With Key Democrat Demographic Soars

Head of Chick-fil-A Foundation Linked to Obama, Clinton

Schiff Makes Santa's Naughty List (Literally)

Soros-Linked Group Targets Vulnerable Republicans

Trump's Trade War Keeps Thanksgiving Dinner Prices Flat

Biden Forgets Names of Potential VP Nominees

VIDEO: Unhinged Leftist Approaches Students. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

Chinese Students Go Full Communist on U.S. Soil

Uno Ditches Red, Blue Cards to Avoid Triggering Players

Pro-Trump Group Ordered to Stop Border Wall Construction

Suddenly, Blind Hatred of Men is Okay

Hunter Biden Gets in Even More Trouble

Craziest Terror Attacks to Hit D.C.

1.) Andrew Jackson Beatdown

2.) The Nutty (German) Professor

3.) Carlo Valdonoci's Explosive Failure

4.) Truman Assassination Attempt

5.) U.S. Capitol Shooting Gallery

6.) Celebrating Ho Chi Minh's Birthday

7.) Palestinian Terror?

8.) Chilean Car Bomb

9.) Marion Barry's City Council Melee

10.) CIA Shootout

It's Official, California Has Hit Rock Bottom

1.) Rampant Crime

2.) Wild Immigration

3.) Streets Littered With Drugs

4.) Fleeing Business

6.) Homelessness Crisis

The Most Insane Claims From the Fifth Democratic Debate

1.) Biden's Worst Senior Moment Yet?

2.) Very Poor Choice of Words

3.) Gabbard Dares to Show Independence? Argh!

4.) Marijuana Bad! But if Hunter Wants an 'Eight Ball'...

BONUS: Is This Amy Klobuchar's M.O.?

REPORT: Biden-Linked Company Bailed Out By Obama Admin

Democrats Propose Cutting Americans' Wages to Get Amnesty

5.) Terror Spawn DAs

Democrats Claim GOP Rape Survivor Doesn't Care About Sex Abuse

Everything That Happened to Ukraine While Obama was President

1.) No Aid to Fight Russia

2.) Crimea Goes Bye-Bye

3.) Russia Invades the Donbas

4.) Airliner Shot Down

BONUS: Nukes Closer to NATO Allies

Michael Bloomberg Declares Himself Presidential Candidate

Fiona Hill Worked With Russia Dossier Author

Trump Fights for Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher

Democrat Focus Group in New Jersey Has Bad News for Pelosi

Journalists Furiously Erase All Evidence of Obama Scandal

Trump Deploys More Troops to the Middle East

REPORT: Pompeo Ready to Bail?

Maryland Democrat Indicted

Sondland Throws Rudy Under the Bus

Five Takeaways From Today's Impeachment Hearings

1.) Ken Starr: Where's the Crime?

2.) Open to Interpretation

3.) Shooting Down Dem Talking Points

4.) Jordan's Turn

5.) A New Republican Star is Born

6.) The Best Reactions

Democrat Has the Most Embarrassing Moment of His Life on TV

Fox News Star Escalates War of Words With Trump

Omar Funneled Additional $150K to Alleged Lover's Firm

Epstein Guards Arrested

Nunes Targets Democratic Party, Liberal Media in Opening Statement

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Democrats' Subpoena

Chick-fil-A's Culture War Capitulation

Fox News Weighing All Options After Viewers Targeted

Jim Jordan Rebuts Nancy Pelosi for the World to See

Are Democrats Wasting Their Time on Texas?

Trump Can't Contain His Anger Anymore With Chris Wallace

Trump's Approval Surges Since Show Trial Began

Jim Jordan to Adam Schiff: 'Our Indulgence Wore Out With You A Long Time Ago'

Unbearable Pain Left Fox News Star Suicidal

Fox News Anchor Claims Trump Broke the Law in Real-Time

Bernie Offers Shocking Price Tag for His Eco-Socialist Agenda

Big Money, Big Flop: Bloomberg Presidential Bid Likely to Go Nowhere

Adam Schiff Under Fire! Here are the Best Republican Blows to Schiff

2.) Media Smear Campaign

4.) Request for Witness

7.) Whistleblower Second Request

8.) Schiff Interrupting

College Cancels 21-Gun Salute to Veterans Over Fear of Guns

Hannity Warns Schiff Witness Yovanovitch

GOP Rep. Asks Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Inconvenient Questions

6.) Whistleblower Request

5.) Schiff's Off Camera Behavior

3.) Whistleblower Connection

1.) Snub Out GOP Questions

83-Year-Old Democrat Under Investigation for Improper Relationship

House Ethics Committee Expands Probe Into Tlaib

Professor Resigns Over University's Lurch to Communism

'Squad' Member Fights for Transgender Inmates

Here is Who Soros Just Got Elected

1.) Shani Curry Mitchell

2.) Parisa Dehghani-Tafti

3.) Steve Descano

4.) Jack Stollsteimer

Bonus.) Chesa Boudin

Progressive Firebrand Runs for Katie Hill's Seat

Women's March Endorses Witchcraft

Former Governor Enters Race for the White House

Polling Data Reveals Key Shifts Since Impeachment Inquiry Began

Ann Coulter Officially Gives Up on Trump

Bernie Sanders: AOC Will Play Major Role in My Administration

Nunes Responds to Schiff's Opening Statement

7 Reasons That San Francisco Will Get Worse

1.) Public Urination Is Now Legal

2.) New DA’s Immigration Plan

3.) Higher Taxes

4.) Dismantling of the Criminal Justice System

5.) Rejecting ICE

6.) Homeless Epidemic

7.) Soaring Drug Use

White House Chief of Staff Drops Lawsuit Against Trump

Russian Burger King Employee Doesn't Take Kindly to Disrespect

Legendary MMA Fighter Takes Down Anti-Trump Protester

Supreme Court Decision Against Gun Manufacturer

Giuliani Considers Launching Impeachment Podcast

Impeachment Inquiry Faces New Hurdles

Terrorists' Son Wins High-Profile Election

Far-Right Politician Announces Third-Party Run for President

Texas Republican Wants to Protect Ukraine Whistleblower's Identity

Powerful Republican Announces Retirement

Trump Launches African American Coalition

Liberal Jurisdiction Abandons Sanctuary Policy

Schiff: Whistleblower Testimony 'Redundant and Unnecessary'

Democratic Governor Skips Funeral for Police Officer Slain By Illegal Immigrants

Republicans Debate Bringing Joe and Hunter Biden Before Congress

Kamala Harris Wants Kids in School Longer

Here is the Attack Dog Handpicked to Defend Trump

1.) Formative Years

2.) Rising Political Star

3.) Intra-Party Rivalries

4.) Watch His Greatest Moments

5.) He Won't Be Alone

GOP Recruits Bulldog to Lead Impeachment Hearings

Democrats Elect Convicted Sex Offender

Bloomberg Poised to Enter 2020 Race

Signs Tuesday's Elections Don't All Spell Trouble for GOP

1.) Democrats' New Jersey Setback

2.) First-Ever Western Pennsylvania Wins

3.) Daniel Cameron's Historic Win

4.) Mississippi Sweep

BONUS.) Earlier 2019 Wins

Steve Bannon Commanded to Testify Against Roger Stone

CBS Fires Epstein Whistleblower After ABC Outs Her

Schiff's Staff Forgot to Redact Allege Whistleblower's Identity

Hillary Crashes James Corden's Show, Fueling 2020 Rumors

Meet the Conservative Rising Star Behind Yesterday's Historic Win

1.) McConnell Protege

2.) Successor

3.) Previous Role

4.) Significant Election in State Politics

5.) Significant Election in National Politics

6.) Historic Election

Tucson, Arizona Rejects Plan to Become Sanctuary City

Forty Years Later: How Carter's Failure Reshaped Our Special Forces

BREAKING: Newly Divorced Ilhan Omar Faces Investigation

STUDY: Screen Time Physically Changes Your Grandchild's Brain

Suspect Behind Border Massacre Arrested With Hostages

African American Republican Makes History

Governor Accused of Not Thoroughly Investigating Widespread Child Sex Abuse

Elizabeth Warren Caught Lying Again

Fox News' Kat Timpf Harassed in Public Again

The Worst Tragedies to Happen to Americans Overseas

1.) Mormon Family Attack

2.) 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing

3.) Benghazi

4.) Daniel Pearl

5.) Tammy Lawrence-Daley

BREAKING: ABC News Killed Clinton-Epstein Story Three Years Ago

Five Fast Facts About Today's Mormon Family Massacre

1.) The Victims

2.) The Survivors

3.) The Community

4.) President Trump's Response

5.) Mexico's Response

Justice Department Searches for Anonymous Anti-Trump Author

Legislation Introduced to Fully Dismantle Iran Nuclear Deal

Voters Face Stark Choice Tomorrow

Antifa Harasses Journalist's Family

Pregnant Mom Defends Family From Armed Intruders With AR-15

Felony Charges Filed Against Democratic Party Mayor

Readily Available Power Tools Saw Through Border Wall

A 10-Minute Stroll Through New York City's Deepening Decay

U.S. Gives Iran Green Light on Nuclear Work

Restrictive Gender Transition Bill Sparks Controversy

ISIS Names New Leader

New Data Shows Veterans Suffer Higher Rates of Cancer

Senate Republicans Shift to More Somber Tone on Impeachment

1.) The Road to Serfdom

2.) Capitalism and Freedom

3.) The Conscience of a Conservative

4.) Democracy in America

5.) The Federalist Papers

6.) The Conservative Mind

7.) On Liberty

8.) God and Man at Yale

9.) Basic Economics

BONUS: Rules for Radicals

Conservative Books Everyone Should Read

Meet the Democrats Who Voted Against Impeachment

1.) Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN)

2.) Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ)

Warren Admits Medicare-for-All Could Cost Two Million Jobs

Illegal Crossings Hit Decade High

Catherine Herridge Leaves Fox News

Biofilm Covers Washington's Iconic Monuments

Halloween Spending Dwarfs All Money in Politics

CNN Commentator Appears to Celebrate Fire Threatening Reagan Library

Registered Foreign Agent Leads New Biden Super PAC

Does Trump's Deficit Spending Threaten Conservatism?

Omar Votes Present on Acknowledging Armenian Genocide

Pathologist Casts Doubt on Epstein's Cause of Death

How the Liberal Media Covered Trump's Greatest Accomplishments

1.) Washington Post’s Praise of a Religious Leader

2.) CNN Congressional Brief Dismay

3.) Israel Embassy Move

4.) Religious Persecution Fight

5.) The New NAFTA

6.) Tax Policy

7.) Trump’s Judges

WATCH: Troubled Woman Confronts Police Officer

Clinton Plots Revenge Against New Enemies

Sinema Promises to Be Thorn in Party's Side Next Year

Clinton Confidant Arrested for Assaulting Foreign National

Kamala Cancels Event After Black School Gives Trump Award

The Two Sides of Katie Hill

Another ISIS Leader Dead

Liberal Mob Attacks Cops at School Board Meeting, Uses Kids as Human Shield

The 9 Best Responses to WaPo's Obituary for 'Austere Religious Scholar'

1.) Salena Zito

2.) The Lauren Chen

3.) Mike

4.) Thor Benson

5.) Donald Trump Jr.

6.) Kassy Dillon

7.) Lord of the Rings

8.) Al Capone

9.) Darth Vader

Impeachment Survey Bad News for Democrats

BREAKING: Top Republican Retires

Millions Take to Streets to Protest Green Taxes

Watch These Liberals Accost This Ethical Conservationist

Warren Flips on Vouchers After Pocketing $2.5 Million in Campaign Cash

Democratic Congresswoman Resigns

Major Paper Flip Flops After Whitewashing Dead ISIS Leader

Govt. Caught Enabling Illegal Immigration?

Carbon Hypocrite Biden Drops Nearly $1 Million on Private Jets

Leftists Shut Down UK's First Chick-fil-A Franchise

Bannon Returns From Exile to Fight for Trump

Did This Liberal Actor Threaten to Kill Trump?

Armed Man Equipped for Attack Arrested Outside Trump Rally

FBI Agents Accused of Manipulating Flynn File

REPORT: Soros-Linked Media Tool Tracked Journalists, Trump Allies

BREAKING: White House Hopeful Not Running for Re-Election

7 Examples of Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools

1.) Lesson Teaches Islam as 'True Faith'

2.) Textbook Redefines Jihad

3.) Prayer Rooms for Thee, But Not for Me

4.) ACT Bombshell

5.) How is This Not Cultural Appropriation?

6.) Muslim Education Leader Convicted

7.) 'Holy War' Game Post-9/11

NOT SATIRE: Dems Actual Questions to Mark Zuckerberg

1.) LGBTQ+ Inquisition


3.) Liberal Logic

4.) AOC's Nasty Attack

Biden's Sandy Hook Claim Doesn't Hold Up to Scrutiny

Broward Sheriff Removed for Good

Democrat Representative Accused of Having a Drinking Problem

MLB Umpire Under Investigation for MAGA Tweets

Judge Nap's Bad News for House Republicans

Senator Claims Deep State Slow-Walking IG Report

Video of Driver's Confrontation With Climate Change Protesters Goes Viral

Fox News Host Convinced Clinton is Running

Chaos Reigns as Trump Allies Storm Impeachment Proceedings

Truck Driver Arrested After Grisly Find

Jury Deals Devastating Blow in Dad's Fight Over Son's Gender Identity

Rising Democrat Star Denies Unethical Relationship

6.) Her Squad Actually Accomplished Something

5.) Why Vote for Her?

4.) All-American Family

3.) Successful Entrepreneur

2.) Independent Woman

1.) Grew Up in Rural Alabama

Meet the Conservative Rising Star Looking to Take on AOC's Squad

Democrats Want to Make Calling Someone This a Crime

Laura Loomer Outraises Democrat Incumbent

Soros' Heir Partners With Democrats to Redistrict Key State

4 Bewildering Facts About Romney's Secret Twitter Account

1.) Self-Obsessed Mitt

2.) Not a Big Secret

3.) Anger

4.) A Pat on the Back

Lindsey Graham Begins Changing Tune on Trump

This Campaign Ad Will Be the Greatest Thing You See All Day

Chuck Schumer's Opposition to Trump Shows Glaring Hypocrisy

WATCH: Sinaloa Cartel Shows Mexican Government Who's in Charge

Fox News' Chris Wallace Drops Latest Bombshell in Impeachment Inquiry

Hannity Blows Up at 'Idiotic' Mulvaney

John Kasich Backs Impeachment

Trump Threatens to Sue CNN

Clinton Conspiracy Theory Rocks D.C.

Never Forget: Joe Biden Blamed an Innocent Man for His Wife's Death

Poll Nothing But Good News for Trump in Key Swing State

Here is Why the United States Would Destroy China in a War

1.) The Supply Line

2.) Navy

3.) War of Attrition

4.) Air Dominance

5.) Technology

6.) Out of the Question

Five Fast Facts About the Woman Replacing Cummings

1.) Impeachment

2.) Temporary Replacement

3.) Proponent of Gun Control

4.) First Election

5.) All Previous Positions

One Person Shows Up to Mark Sanford Rally

Elizabeth Warren Failed to Delete Her DNA Video

BREAKING: U.S., Turkey Agree to Cease-Fire

U.S. Destroys Major Base to Keep Turkey From Using It

Obama Interferes in Foreign Election

Mexican Terror Path Proves Jihadists are Entering the U.S.

See the Present Withdrawing U.S. Troops Left for the Russians

Poll: Trump's Support Rises Dramatically With Key Group

Supreme Court Sides With Teacher Forcing Christian Student to Recite Islamic Prayer

Decorated Vet and Cop Loses Guns, Job After Waitress Misheard Him

Secret Employee Tape Gives CNN Major Headache

Ronald Reagan Would Be Spinning in His Grave If He Saw His Son

Eye-Opening Payments to Omar's Alleged Boyfriend Revealed

Violence in the Streets! Here are 5 Acts of Leftist Violence Caught on Camera

1.) Leaving the Rally

2.) Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo

3.) Trump 2020

4.) Chase

5.) Beatdown

Biden Makes Shocking Admission

College Professor Claims Beloved Cartoon is 'Violent and Racist'

Mayor Re-Elected Despite Video Showing Him at Drug-Fueled Orgy

Sanctuary Jurisdiction Blamed for Grisly Murder

Democrat Governor Drops N-Bomb on Live Radio

Meanwhile, in Seattle Antifa Learns Not to Pepper Spray Random Guys

Will John Bolton Get the Last Laugh?

Media Ignores Abhorrent Violence Against Female Trump Supporter

Did ABC News Confuse War Zone With Gun Range?

This Roast of Adam Schiff is the Greatest Thing You'll See All Day

Protester Shows Trump Supporter How He Really Feels

Why the Left is Wrong About Christopher Columbus

1.) Not a Mass Murderer

2.) He Didn’t Discover America

3.) Brought Evil to a Peaceful Land

4.) A Member of the Historical Elite

BONUS.) Astronomical Connection

BREAKING: Trump's Attempt to Hire Gowdy Falls Apart

Combat Veteran Succumbs to Wounds 10 Years After Search for Army Deserter

Democratic Rising Star Faces Career Destroying Catastrophe

Hunter Biden Steps Down From Sweet Gig

Nearly 1,000 ISIS Fighters Escape

You've Never Seen Ben Shapiro This Riled Up

BREAKING: Shep Smith Leaves Fox News

Details Emerge in Liberal News Network's Sex Scandals

MAGA Rally Mayhem: Trump Supporters Attacked

NBA Coach Conflates Red China's Atrocities With America

Joe Biden Makes Major Announcement

See Who the Whistleblower May Have Worked With in the White House

Is Hillary Running? Here are the Preemptive Smackdowns

1.) President Trump

2.) Thank You!

GOP Rep Won't Be Supporting Trump Anymore

FLASHBACK: Biden's Unsatisfactory Answer to Question About His Son

3.) Everybody Loves Terrence

4.) Take Down

5.) Need a Laugh

BREAKING: Powerful Democratic Politician to Retire

Fmr Major Player Returns to Trump Administration

WATCH: That Time John Kerry was Happy With 'Foreign Interference'

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Accuses Clinton Team of Cover-Up

Planned Parenthood Announces Campaign to Defeat Trump

John Durham Expands Investigation Into Trump Campaign Surveillance

Trump Threatens to Sue Major American City

Hunter Biden Connected to Blacklisted Chinese Company

20.) Donald Trump

19.) Collin C. Peterson D-Mn

18.) Vicky Hartzler R-Mu

17.) Jim Sensenbrenner R-Wis

16.) Alexandria Ocasio Cortez D-Ny

15.) Joe Cunningham D-Sc

14.) Rashida Tlaib D-Mi

13.) Bob Latta R-Oh

12.) Maxine Waters D-Ca

11.) Don Bacon R-Ne

10.) Jodey Arrington R-Tx

9.) Jim Jordan R-Oh

8.) Ben McAdams D-Ut

7.) Xochitl Torres Small D-NM

6.) Nancy Pelosi D-Ca

5.) Bradley Byrne R-Al

4.) John Ratcliffe R-Tx

3.) Ken Buck R-Co

2.) Ron Kind D-Wis

1.) Mark Walker R-SC

Here is What Washington Is Saying About Impeachment

Presidential Hopeful Escorts Illegal Immigrants Across U.S. Border

Top George W. Bush Aide Endorses Impeachment Inquiry

Republicans Criticizing Trump's Syria Withdrawal

1.) Lindsey Graham

2.) Nikki Haley

3.) Mike Huckabee

4.) Mitt Romney

5.) Marco Rubio

6.) Kevin McCarthy

7.) Liz Cheney

Government Records Contradict Presidential Candidate

Secret Abortion Mega-Clinic Under Construction

Ilhan Omar Drops Bombshell Amid Affair Rumors

Police Chief Favors Illegal Immigrants Over American Citizens. But That's Not the Big Story.

Trump Withdraws U.S. Troops From Syria Ahead of Turkish Assault

Navy Pilot Who Chased UFO Reveals the Rest of the Story

Rashida Tlaib Says Democrats are Whispering About Arresting White House Officials

Hunter Biden’s Biggest Wins!!! Not Really…

1.) Widow Lover

2.) Crack Addiction

3.) Distinguished Navy Career

4.) Baby Momma Drama

5.) Shotgun Wedding

6.) Chinese Money

7.) Ukraine Cash

Doctors Reveal Bernie Sanders Survived a Heart Attack

BREAKING: Iran Cyberattack Targets U.S. Presidential Campaign

Top Prosecutor Promises to Review Biden-Ukraine Connection

Conservative Senator Breaks With Trump Over Call

Even the Washington Post Says Schiff is Misleading the Public

Conservative Icon Escalates Battle With Fox News

Democrat Politician Faces 20 Years for Stealing From Underprivileged Children

10 Million Guns in Danger

WATCH: Far-Left Protesters Experience 'Technical Difficulties'

Pelosi, Schiff Have New Target in Impeachment Probe

Accused Child Rapists Released After Police Refuse to Help ICE

Randy Quaid Teases Run Against Adam Schiff

5.) The RUDY-BAN

4.) Climate Change Collusion

3.) Russia Collusion Leaking

2.) Propping Up Children… and Tearing Them Down

1.) Judicial Nominee Takedown

The Democrat-Media Collusion: The Story You'll Never Get to Hear

Police Charity Stymied Because of Liberal Bias

Rare Trump Win in California

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Bernie Sanders Tries to Take Out Rival

Elizabeth Warren's Devastating Gun Tax

Faith Leader to Run for Congress

8 Must-Know Facts About Biden's Ukraine Ties

1.) Hunter Biden Found a Nice Job

2.) Joe’s Role

4.) Russian Collusion

5.) British Intervention

6.) Money Laundering

7.) Firing the Prosecutor

8.) Air Force Two: a Flight in Infamy

Mueller Rejoins Law Firm

Radical Rep Alleged to Have Violated House Ethics

Congressional Democrats Subpoena Rudy Giuliani

State Department Ramps Up Hillary Investigation

Latest Hate Crime Hoax Blows Up in the Media's Face

3.) It Doesn't End at Joe

Hillary: Sex Assault Allegations Less Important Than Winning

Another Al Franken Accuser Steps Forward

GOP Rep Furious With Trump

New York City Passes New Rules Expanding Hate Speech

Court Deals Major Blow to Trump's Immigration Agenda

Hillary Gearing Up for Do-Over?

First Republican Congressman Backs Impeachment Inquiry

In 18 Hours, Polls Shift on Impeachment

FLASHBACK: 1987 Interview With Bernie Sanders About Socialism

REPORT: Paul Ryan Pushing Fox News to Break With Trump

Democrat IRS Scheme Targets Conservative Organizations

Charles Barkley Dunks on Dems: You Only Talk to Us Once Every Four Years

Not Just AR-15s: Beto Open to Confiscating These

Obama-Era ICE Director Fires Back at Democrats

Democrats Look to Ruin Thanksgiving

Democrat Scandals (Largely) Ignored

1.) Veterans Health Administration Scandal

2.) 2013 IRS Scandal

3.) Fast and Furious

4.) Clinton-Lewinsky Affair

5.) Chappaquiddick

6.) "Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa?"

Rashida Tlaib Back With Vulgar Impeachment Push

$50,000 Reward Offered for Trump Whistleblower

Warren Endorses Biden Investigation?

Is Joe Biden Finished?

Biden's Brother Uses Former Vice President's Clout for Personal Gain

Poll: No Increased Support for Impeachment

Fmr GOP Leader to Primary Indicted Pro-Trump Rep

CNN's New Graphic Leaves Us Shaking Our Heads

Pro-Trump PAC Goes All In Against Biden

Reporter's Thread Reveals the Real Story Behind Impeachment Push

Meet the Lawyers Representing Ukraine Whistleblower

Roger Stone Loses Big in Court

9th Time's the Charm: Here are 8 Times Climate Alarmists Got It Wrong

1.) NOAA’s Pause

2.) Warming… No, COOLING… Wait… CLIMATE CHANGE

3.) The Hottest On Record

4.) New York Times 1969 Doomsday Prediction

5.) The Famine of '75

6.) Boston Globe 1970 Prediction

7.) Brown University and the Apocalypse

8.) A Lesson in History

True Motivations of Whistleblower Revealed

Republican Introduces Bill to Take Jerry Nadler Off Judiciary Committee

Senator Told Ukrainian President Investigating Biden Would Damage US-Ukraine Relations

POLL: Younger Voters Convinced World Will End in 15 Years

First It Was Joe Biden's Son. Now, We Have Questions for Elizabeth Warren's Daughter.

Conservative Provocateur Gets Fox News Ban

Democrat Honored Official Charged With Six Felonies

UN Speech By Teenage Climate Activist Will Floor You

REPORT: Whistleblower Didn't Have 'Firsthand Knowledge' of Trump's Call

Democrat Prepares to Give AOC the Run of Her Life

FBI Arrests US Soldier Planning Terror Attack

Antifa Members Caught Attacking Cops

Maxine Waters' Disgusting Response to Retiring GOP Rep

Pro-Trump Bikers Make Little Girl's Day

CNN Harshly Criticizes Anti-Trump Whistleblower

Facebook Punishes Angel Mom Whose Son was Killed By Illegal Immigrant

Liberal Police Chief Demands Gun Control After Officer Shot With His Own Gun

Vulnerable Dems Fear Impeachment Probe Will Cost Them the House

See What's Even Nuttier About Biden's Latest Story

Liberals Threaten to Kill Woman for Daring to Criticize AOC

New Women's March Leader Sacked for Anti-Semitism

Marianne Williamson's Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy

This Bald Eagle Video Will Have You Ready to Enlist

Bonus.) TATTOO


4.) Chinatown Celebration

3.) Indian Wedding Outfit

2.) Indian State Visit

1.) Arabian Nights

Here are All of Justin Trudeau's Culturally Insensitive Costumes

Trump Nominees Face Growing Republican Opposition

Immigrant Promises to Be AOC's Worst Nightmare

Doctors Say Biden Underwent Surgery Before White House Run

Buttigieg Finally Responds to Discovery of 2,246 Aborted Fetuses

BREAKING: Iranian-Linked Terrorist Busted in NYC

Andrew Yang Confirms the Left's Endgame on Climate Change

Justin Trudeau Caught in Blackface for the Third Time

Survey Finds AOC Increasingly Vulnerable

Second Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies

Former American Airlines Mechanic Accused of ISIS Ties

Senator Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Controversial Teacher Fired for Reporting Undocumented Immigrants

Clinton Donor Ed Buck Arrested

ICE Responds to Illegal Immigrant Assaults in Suburban D.C.

WATCH: New Zealand's Fascist Nightmare is Precisely What Dems Want

Here are the States That Trump Wants to Turn Red in 2020

1.) Oregon

2.) New Mexico

4.) Maine

5.) New Hampshire

Ilhan Omar Deleted a Tweet This Morning. We'd Like to Know Why.

Parkland Schools Allowed Students Four Unreported Misdemeanors a Year

BREAKING: Pro-Trump Rep Retires

3.) Minnesota

Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against Fox News

California Adds Iowa to Its 'No Travel' List

Meet the Domestic Terrorist Who's Joining the Women's Hall of Fame

Biden Recalls Fighting Off Gangster as the Only White Lifeguard

The Latest Kavanaugh Accusation Comes From a Clinton Lawyer, But That's Not All

New Video Shows Air Force Turning ISIS Island Into Lunar Hellscape

MSNBC Contributor Threatens Trump With Jail Time

CNN Sharply Criticized for Hiring Andrew McCabe

How a Conservative Justice Killed Trump's Citizenship Question

Does Joe Biden Even Know What Century It Is?

Shaun King Faces Serious Accusations

Pro-Trump Rep Pleads 'Not Guilty'

Beto Goes Full Tyrant in Eight Words

Here is the Timeline of What Happened in Benghazi and the Cover-Up That Followed

9:30 PM September 11th

10:00 PM September 11th

10:30 PM September 11th

11:00 PM September 11th

12:00 AM September 12th

1:00 AM September 12th

2:00 AM September 12th

4:00 AM September 12th

5:00 AM September 12th

10:00 AM September 12th

September 12th - Obama Administration Coverage

September 12th & 13th - Clinton Cover-Up

September 14th and 15th

In the End

Marianne Williamson Caught on Hot Mic

Horrific Moment Caught on Tape in Rep. Omar's District

ICE Pens Open Letter to American Public

Kavanaugh Accuser's Father Raises New Doubts

Is Beto Running for President or Having a Midlife Crisis?

Report: It's Time for Elizabeth Warren to Acknowledge Her Ancestor's Indian Oppressing Past

Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Decorated Cop on 9/11

Loophole Used By 9/11 Terrorists Still Open 18 Years Later

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Bad News for Ocasio-Cortez

Scientist Suggests Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change

9/11 Survivor Criticizes Ilhan Omar at Memorial Ceremony

Controversial Democrat Still Having Visitors Despite Accusations of Being Involved in Two Overdoses

NYT Updates Story Blaming 'Airplanes' for 9/11

18 Years Later, 9/11 First Responders Still Suffering, Dying

GOP Congressman Calls for Investigation Into CNN

8.) The Jim Acosta Saga

7.) Attacking The Man They Once Praised

6.) Blame Trump For Mass Shooting

5.) Downplaying Death Threats