Sunday, March 29, 2020

3.) War on Women

In separate conservation, Jurek disparages Senator Warren and her supporters, who he argues with vulgar language reflexively support Warren because of her gender.

How very illiberal of you, Kyle.

“Like, yeah, you know, I like Bernie, but I really want a woman to be -, it’s like, wait, so like you’re okay with a woman if she has worse policies. Like just because she’s a woman, because she has a vagina, that’s why you’re going to vote for her? They don’t like it when you say that because it makes them look like f***ing stupid because they are stupid. They’re like, ‘oh yeah, I’m going to go for…because she’s a woman.’ It’s like, okay, like…”

“Like, f*** if we can beat Donald Trump, as long as we nominated a woman. Like f***ing idiot. Like what the f***? Like the world is on fire, this is an emergency situation, and you’re (Warren supporters) hung up on vaginas.”


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