Monday, July 6, 2020

2020 Hopeful’s Comments Reveal Crisis Facing Democrats

Marianne Williamson path to the White House seems unlikely.

But the fact that the unconventional self-help guru anointed by Oprah captures the voice of progressive activists should scare you to death. 

At a campaign rally, the 2020 contender took Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments comparing migrant detention centers to concentration camps to another level.  

Williamson hinted she sees no difference between those facilities and the worst of the Nazi’s death camps or Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Hitler’s SS.

Per The Daily Caller:

“There are some people who would say to me, ‘now Ms. Williamson, I think this Jewish analogy, you’ve really gone too far there. This is not the same situation at all,'” Williamson said during a campaign stop at Southern New Hampshire University on Tuesday. “But ladies and gentlemen, some of those people will be deported to places so dangerous that it actually is no different.”

Williamson, an author and liberal activist, doubled down on her comments when she sat down for an interview with Vice News.

“I have visited the Anne Frank house. I’ve been to those places where people hid Jews in the basement,” she said. “When I think of the fear that some of these people are going through right now since the president made that announcement — where are they going to go?”

Williamson’s comments come after President Donald Trump’s announcement Monday that ICE would soon begin apprehending “millions” of illegal immigrants living in the country, adding they would be removed “as fast as they come in.”

(Video H/T Vice News)

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