Tuesday, July 14, 2020

1.) Andrew Jackson Beatdown

President Andrew Jackson was marked a target for assassination by Richard Lawrence but the attempt on the President’s life was thwarted by something unexplainable. Lawrence approached Andrew Jackson outside of the Capitol Building with two flintlock pistols at once he was within 13 feet of Jackson he went to fire the first shot, the gun misfired. Lawrence drew his second gun and went to fire, this time he was at point black range, but again the pistol misfired. After this Lawrence was beaten within an inch of his life by the President. 

One might be left to assume that Lawrence was an incompetent marksman or the pistols were defective but the police tested the firearms later and found both to be in full working order. Richard Lawrence was declared insane and would be put into an asylum. No one knows for sure what saved Jackson’s life that day, an incompetent assassin? Damp gunpowder? An act of God? 



AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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