The Georgia Senate runoff race is between Herschel Walker (R) and Raphael Warnock (D). The runoff election will be on December 6. Many notable names are coming out in droves for this expensive election. The Washington Examiner reports that former President Obama will come to Georgia on December 1 to throw his support behind Raphael Warnock. Obama has campaigned very little. This move signals that Obama campaigning for Warnock is a big move for Democrats to win this Senate seat. Former President Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have united to support Herschel Walker. Today, poll numbers were released to show the status of the race. More help needs to rush in to help Herschel Walker. Time is of the essence.

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8 days ago

people are gluten for punishment, they will keep a democrat in instead of a Republican even though we are suffering under democrat policies. Walker can do as much or more than Warnock and he leans toward helping others instead of putting the money in his own pocket. I hope people will realize that a democrat in a conservative controled House will not help them and do nothing but exist to draw a paycheck

7 days ago


6 days ago

If Warnock wins this runoff, =that gives the Dems a 51 seat majority; so there goes the 9-menber Supreme Court, and the Filibuster. Then there’s amnesty