REVEALED: Top Maricopa County Election Official Donated to Far Left Group

Suspiciously, it has been revealed that the Top Maricopa County election official Stephen Richer donated to a far-left ‘resistance group’ known as PatriotTakes. The group describes themselves as “dedicated researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy.” Richer is one the leading officials overseeing elections in Arizona and has been seen in many press conferences regarding the counting of votes in Maricopa County.

In 2021, Richer also launched a PAC to stop MAGA candidates from running. The PAC called Pro-Democracy Republicans of Arizona claims on their website that they are “fighting to keep our democratic institutions alive.”

Stephen Richer’s decision to donate to PatriotTakes shows that he is biased, and that he can not be treated as impartial. Of course, if the roles were reversed then the left would not be content with these ridiculous elections taking place in Maricopa county. The inefficient counting of the votes, razor-thin margins where Democrats are consistently coming out on top, and their lack of transparency about the issues they’re having all point to valid reasons why a candidate and her supports should apply pressure for a recount of the votes.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
22 days ago

Rigged against Lake day 1

21 days ago

if you get caught cheating while counting the ballots the person should be shot for treason or a lifetime prison sentence!

18 days ago

Are We all Marxists yet? That is what a one- party system is. One Party ALWAYS IN CONTROL. Katie Hobbs was very quiet and did not put herself in front of the constituents much. It was Kari Lake out in front of her voters.

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