YouTube Star Absolutely Destroys Tomi Lahren (VIDEO)

Last week, we noted the total embarrassment that was Tomi Lahren's appearance on The View. 

The one time conservative rockstar, perhaps to appease the show's liberal hosts, parroted a dopey position on abortion pushed by the likes of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.  In the process, she called conservative pro lifers hypocrites.

Lahren, who's stated in the past that she's not a big reader, revealed that she doesn't understand the first thing about conservative principles. She revealed herself to be an opportunist who's fixated on fame, above all else. 

Lahren's performance didn't sit well with us. It also didn't sit well with Julie Borowski, a libertarian Youtube star who happens to be very personally socially conservative. In this video, Borowski explains everything that's wrong with Lahren's position, and why true advocates of limited government should be pro-life. Check it out. While you're there, check out some of Borowski's other work. It's a reminder that there's more to political commentary than calling liberals names.

 Source: American Action News
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