You Won't Believe What This MSNBC 'Scholar' Said About You

  • 2018-06-22
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You Won't Believe What This MSNBC 'Scholar' Said About You
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Donny Deutsch's tirade on Morning Joe today perfectly encapsulates the prevailing mood in the liberal bubble: that Trump voters who support border enforcement are Nazis who deserve what's coming to them.

Lost in his vitriol is any attempt to see the world through the eyes of someone who dared to think Hillary Clinton's mixed (at best) record on foreign policy: Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Russian reset, etc. was best for America. Or her left-wing economic proposals, and of course, who can forget the decades of scandals: Whitewater, systematic security failures leading up to Benghazi, not to mention the silent enabling of her husband's predatory behavior and shaming of his victims.

No, for renowned psychotherapist, distinguished historian, puffed-up cable news pundit Donny Deutsch, the majority of Trump supporters – tens of millions of Americans – are Nazis.

Here's a reminder, Donny of a few of the Nazi's worst atrocities (H/T Wikipedia):

1.) The Wehrmacht's mass killing of Soviet POWs at least 3.3 million died in German custody; with the vast majority dying in the second half of 1941.

2.) Lidice Massacre after Czech partisans assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, German units razed the village of Lidice to the ground and systematically murdered its 5,000 inhabitants.

3.) Gardelegen Massacre with liberation at the hands of the rapidly approaching U.S. Army only hours away, local firefighters, Volkssturm, and Hitler Youth forced over 1,000 slave laborers into a large barn near the town of Gardelegen. The Germans then set the structure ablaze. There were no survivors.

4.) Babi Yar numerous massacres occurred at this ravine in Kiev. Most abhorrent, the retaliatory killing of 33,771 Jews between 29-30 September 1941. German forces and Ukrainian collaborators killed as many as 150,000 people here during the two years the region was under Nazi control.

5.) Odessa Massacre refers to the mass murder of Odessa's Jewish population by Romanian and German forces. Depending on the scope and timeframe, upwards of 100,000 Ukrainian Jews were executed here.

6.) Rumbula Massacre a Nazi Einsatzgruppen death squad with the help of local collaborators, murdered about 25,000 Jews in a two-day period near Riga, Latvia in the fall of 1941.

7.) Wola Massacre after being taken by surprise in the early days of the Warsaw Uprising, a ruthless SS General took command of all German forces in the city. In seven days, Nazis brutally and systematically murdered resistance fighters and civilians in mass executions. Between 40 and 50 thousand died.

8.) The Planned Destruction of Warsaw after the failed uprising by Polish patriots, who expected help that never came from the advancing Russians, the German Army put unprecedented effort to systematically destroying anything that remained standing in Warsaw and liquating the inhabitants. By the time Red Army tanks rolled past the smoldering ruins, the city's cultural heritage was erased, and barely 100,000 of its inhabitants (out of a prewar population of 1.2 million) were still breathing.

9.) The Holocaust in total, the monstrous crimes of the Third Reich against Jews, invalids, Roma, Slavs, Soviet POWs, and other "undesirables" claimed the lives of six million Jews and 17 million victims in total

10.) The Campaign of Total War Against the Slavic Population on the Eastern Front – roughly 70,000 towns and villages burned to the ground at the hands of the Germans in the Soviet Union. By the war's end, conservatively, 25 million Soviets had died.

11.) The Second World War with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis the Second World War as we know it would have never come to pass. Hitler and his henchmen deserve the lion's share of the blame for bringing about the greatest cataclysm in human history, with contemporary historians putting the death toll between 60-80 million
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