Will This Swing State Governor Be Impeached Over Sick Sex Scandal?

  • 2018-04-12
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Will This Swing State Governor Be Impeached Over Sick Sex Scandal?
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Time may be running out for embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. 

Greitens has been fighting to keep his job since being indicted in February for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman and threatening her to keep her silent. 

Now, a new report by a bipartisan special state House committee finds her allegations to be credible. 

"The 25-page report was released by a special committee of the Missouri House of Representatives, which convened to investigate Greitens after he was indicted in February on a charge of invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a nonconsensual nude photo of the woman. The woman's ex-husband has also alleged that Greitens, a Republican in his first term, threatened to blackmail her with the photo," POLITICO reports. 

The woman also accuses Greitens of forcibly restraining and forcing her to perform a sex act. 

Greitens admits to extramarital sex with the woman but claims it was entirely consensual, and he never assaulted, threatened or blackmailed anyone. 

State House Speaker Todd Richardson says the "testimony outlined in the report is beyond disturbing." 

Richardson says the committee will continue its work and may bring articles of impeachment against Greitens. 

The committee "will have the opportunity to come back to the General Assembly to make recommendations," says Richardson. 

Impeachment is a distinct possibility, if not likely.

"The power given to the Missouri General Assembly to take disciplinary action or to remove elected officials from office is one of the most serious and consequential powers the constitution grants the Legislature," says Richardson. "We will not take that responsibility lightly, we will not act rashly, but we will not shrink from it." 

Both Richardson and Greitens are Republicans, as are a majority of state house members. 

POLITICO reports "a Mason-Dixon poll released Tuesday found that 47 percent of Missourians disapproved of the job Greitens is doing. Forty-eight percent said they thought Greitens should resign, while 36 percent said he shouldn't."
 Source: AAN
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