Why This Terror Nation May Fear Trump

  • 01/10/2017
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Why This Terror Nation May Fear Trump

Iran has spent the last eight years absolutely embarrassing Barack Obama. The rogue nation essentially kidnapped American troops and held them for ransom, and Obama responded to this provocation by paying them more than 10 billion in gold and cash assets. 

But the good times may soon be coming to an end. How do we know? Trump's Secretary of Defense nominee, James Mattis, favored an entirely different approach to dealing with Iran. As the Daily Caller reports:

Iranian-supplied rockets killed as many as 15 U.S. troops per month in Iraq in the summer of 2011, and Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis had a plan to retaliate. The Obama administration denied his request.

Six U.S. soldiers were killed in a single such attack in early June of 2011, with another three killed just weeks later. Mattis, then the commander of U.S. Central Command, had had enough and decided the U.S. must strike back before the Iranian rockets caused further bloodshed. In conjunction with then Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey, Mattis proposed a strike inside Iranian territory, according to former senior U.S. officials speaking to the Washington Post.

The plan was to make it clear to the the Iranian government that providing rockets to its Shiite proxy insurgents inside Iraq was no longer going to be tolerated. Mattis suggested a nighttime strike against a power plant or oil refinery within Iranian territory.

The White House received the strike proposal and subsequently denied it. President Barack Obama was under the impression such a strike would infuriate the Iranians, possibly escalating the Iraqi occupation he was trying so desperately to end. Many White House staffers feared the plan risked starting a war with Iran, a country Obama wanted to seek a detente with.

The commander in chief of the United States military was so afraid that he might provoke a pitiful, third world nation entirely dependent on oil that he was willing to let American troops die without provocation. His solution, instead, was to give them billions in gold in exchange for an empty promise to stop monkeying around in Iran.

America doesn't need a full scale nation building adventure when it comes to dealing with its enemies. It needs solutions taht remind our enemies just how capable the world's only superpower is. If Mattis wants to take a page out of the Ronald Reagan in Libya handbook, we're all for it. 


 Source: AAN
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