Whiny Democrats Unveil New Strategy to Win Elections

  • 2016-11-14
  • Source: AAN
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Democrats are furious that they lost this election. They can't make sense of it. It's because the country is racist. It's because the country is sexist. It's because the country is homophobic.

Maybe it's because this isn't a very good stump speech:



Nah, that can't be it. The latest excuse? The electoral college. It needs to go. And another former loser is leading the charge. As the Daily Caller notes:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis called for Democrats to fight the electoral college system Saturday, according to a report from Politico.

“Hillary won this election, and when the votes are all counted, by what will likely be more than a million votes,” Dukakis, who lost the 1988 presidential election, wrote in a private memo to Politico. “So how come she isn’t going to the White House in January? Because of an anachronistic Electoral College system which should have been abolished 150 years ago.”

This is inane. The electoral college isn't anachronistic, it's brilliant. It's how the Founders ensured that the larger states wouldn't use their considerable population advantages to overwhelm the smaller states. As AAN contributor Kevin Boyd notes in Rare:

The Electoral College tries to create a balance between the states by giving smaller ones more power per vote than larger ones. It is skewed by design and it is designed like that for a reason. That reason is still valid today.

If we got rid of the Electoral College, all elections would largely be decided by the Acela Corridor and the I-5 corridor on the West Coast. That would suit most progressives perfectly because they don’t even need to pretend to cater to the “hicks and racists” in “flyover country.”

The ability to disregard voters in small states is absolutely key to future Democratic victory, so this position makes sense. The party is anti-coal, anti-fracking, and anti-church. These positions are not tenable in the Rust Belt, Appalachia, and the deep South. Their intolerance is off-putting even to coastal moderates. 

Still, anti-electoral college rhetoric is not limited to the left. There is ridiculous national popular vote silliness gaining traction on the right. This is terribly misguided, based on the ridiculous fallacy that such a system would force candidates to compete for votes in every state. This disregards concentrated media markets, and the power of empty political promises that could be used to undermine the individual rights that have made our country prosperous and unique. Simply put, the abolition of the electoral college would allow Democrats to win by pushing their agenda in coastal strongholds and ignoring middle America. It would likely push the GOP away from an agenda focused on property rights, social conservatism, and self-defense, and towards support for a kinder gentler welfare state and more intelligent crony capitalism- in line with urban priorities, and averse to the concept of a constitutionally limited government. 


 Source: AAN
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