WATCH: Tucker Drops a Nuke on Pro-Hijab Feminist

Feminism has become an odd mishmash of leftist causes. It used to be a movement about getting women on equal footing with men. Now, it involves income inequality, black lives mattering, and sticking it to Israel. Oh yeah, let’s not forget furthering the glorious cause of Allah. Because nothing says female empowerment like endorsing a religion that won’t let women leave the house without a chaperone.

Macys is selling hijabs now. A move which feminists emphatically approve. Tucker Carlson had a feminist on to discuss, and it was just as absurd as you would imagine:


So, even though hijabs are a symbol of female inferiority, feminists are jumping on the bandwagon and covering themselves like leftovers from last night’s dinner. Makes sense, right?

The feminists are so eagerly making hijabs a symbol of their cause. But, this is a religion that doles out death sentences for vagina-havers who get behind the wheel, mind you. So forgive me if this alliance comes across as batsh*t crazy a tad out of place. As the Tuck stated, these feminists seem more preoccupied with staying at the forefront of identity politics than actuallyempowering the lady folk.
 Source: Louder With Crowder
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