WATCH: NRA's Black Spokesman Schools Racist Liberals

[WARNING: The Following Article Contains Strong Language]

On Monday, NRATV’s Colion Noir responded to being called derogatory names by leftists who see him as a “token” of the Right:

Throughout my life, I've been called a n***er, monkey, c**n, and a host of other sophomoric racial slurs by people who have the mental acuity of a doormat.

However, I never felt more offended than I did when I became an NRA commentator, and was instantly judged by [the] left-leaning media as a fake, a prop, a token, and a fabrication simply because I was black. I personally know this tactic of those unjustly calling the NRA racist in an effort to advance their anti-gun agenda. It's called "Judgment." The act of believing you know how someone else should live their life, and if they don't follow it, you assassinate their character.

 Source: Daily Wire
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