Wait Till You See What CNN is Criticizing Trump for Today

  • 02/24/2018
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Wait Till You See What CNN is Criticizing Trump for Today
Apparently, CNN thinks President Trump is too mean to the mass shooter who killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida.

In an alarming tweet on Thursday afternoon, the liberal network fumed:

"President Trump described someone who would shoot up a school as a 'savage sicko.' NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch called the Florida gunman 'an insane monster,'" CNN wrote. "Getting people to seek mental health treatment is hard, and this language may not help, experts say."

The tweet linked to a CNN article, which took their claim a step further: calling Trump's condemnation of a mass murderer "harmful."

CNN explained, in the article, that "the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, struggled with depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism."

Somehow, calling him a "sicko" or a "monster" after he murdered 17 innocent people in cold blood is "harmful" and an affront to the millions of Americans with mental illnesses that don't go on killing sprees.

CNN also criticized Trump for saying that the country needed to get violent psychopaths "out of our communities," writing that "locking up people with mental illness for a long time is counterproductive."

It looks like CNN will always find a reason to disagree with Trump – even when they have to go to ridiculous lengths to bend the truth.
 Source: AAN
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