Voters Have Urgent Message For Congressional Republicans

  • 2017-11-08
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Voters Have Urgent Message For Congressional Republicans
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In the simplest of terms, Democrats routed Republicans in last night's off-year elections.

Democrat Ralph Northam pounded Republican Ed Gilespie in Virginia by nine points. In New Jersey's gubernatorial race, the Democratic Party did even better – boosted by Chris Christie's anemic 14 percent approval rating.

Still, the economy is roaring, ISIS is a shadow of its former self, and illegal immigration is plummeting. 

How, then, did liberals prevail?

The mainstream media and NeverTrump crowd want to place the blame solely on the president. In their eyes, Ed Gilespie ran a Trump-inspired campaign that alienated Republican leaners and swing voters while reinvigorating progressives. 

This explanation may make some people feel better about themselves, but it misses the point. Tuesday's election wasn't a referendum on Trump nor a rejection of Trumpism. It was the result of a Republican-led Congress that failed to score any crucial legislative victories this year.   

Although President Trump is only behind Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman in as an executive getting legislation passed – GOP leadership in the House and Senate has failed to keep their promises.

Trump's victory seems to have caught the GOP's congressional leadership off guard. They weren't prepared to implement his agenda and everyone is paying the price.

The so-called Affordable Care Act lives on, thanks to RINOs who stymied free-market reforms. Despite skyrocketing premiums, the perception that Republicans have nothing to vote for to resolve healthcare's countless problems seems real to tens of millions of Americans.

Now, tax reform has begun to make its way through the legislative process. Congressional Republicans have to stay focused and not let petty policy disagreements or intra-party fighting derail them. 

The Republican base and virtually all swing voters want tax cuts. They're eagerly waiting to see what Congress does. Failing to act this time could have dire implications. 

The good news is there's time to act. If President Trump can sign tax reform – and other bills long-awaited by conservatives – into law, the Republican Party will be poised for future success next year.

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 Source: AAN
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