VIDEO High Ranking Dem Senator Is Very Confused

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was unaware at a town hall that Sen. Bob Menendez could miss Senate votes because of his corruption trial.

During an August 25 town hall in Massachusetts, a constituent asked Warren if she had a backup plan in the case that Menendez would have to miss any Senate votes due to the trial.

“I never play poker and there’s a reason,” Warren said, flashing the crowd a shocked face. “The answer is no, I don’t have a plan because, actually, I didn’t know about this.”

“I hope this isn’t right but you may be right on this,” Warren conceded to her constituent, who said his source was The New York Times. “I’m sorry to say, Graham, I didn’t see the piece and I haven’t talked to Leader Schumer since then to see what’s happening…so I don’t know the answer but at least I’m alert to it now.”
 Source: Daily Caller
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