[VIDEO] Conservatives Balk at Plan to Tie Harvey Money to Debt Ceiling Vote

  • 09/04/2017
  • Source: Fox News
  • by: Joseph Weber
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s weekend call for Congress to tie its upcoming vote on increasing the federal debt limit to approving billions for Hurricane Harvey relief is getting support from congressional Democrats but apparent little backing from Republicans.

"The president and I believe the (debt ceiling) should be tied to the Harvey funding,” Mnuchin told “Fox News Sunday.” “With Harvey, it's moved the situation up earlier. ... And without raising the debt limit, I'm not comfortable that we would get the money that we need this month to Texas to rebuild." 

Members of Congress left for the August recess knowing that the vote on raising the debt ceiling would be a high priority upon returning since the federal government has technically already reached its borrowing limit.

However, the unanticipated arrival of Harvey on Aug. 25 has thrown a wild card in the House and Senate’s already-packed agenda. The storm's record rainfall caused severe flooding throughout southeast Texas, then Louisiana, and is expected to cost as much as $190 billion.

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 Source: Fox News
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