US Senator Has Strong Words For White Supremacist Rioters

US Senator Has Strong Words For White Supremacist Rioters
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Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) said that the "little men" in the white supremacy group that were marching and protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia, should face legal retaliation.

As he was traveling in the Balkans, Cotton released a statement Sunday saying that white supremacists who are claiming to "take America back" are revealing the ignorance they have of what makes this country so great.

"White supremacists who claim to ‘take America back' only betray their own ignorance of what makes America so special: our country's founding recognition of the natural rights of all mankind and commitment to the defense of the rights of all Americans," Cotton wrote in the statement.

He also pointed out that these "little men" are not the ones who speak for the majority and what is "just, noble, and best about America."
 Source: Washington Free Beacon
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