US Army Apologizes for Dropping This on Afghanistan

Maj. Gen. James Linder apologized on Wednesday for the decision of the Special Operations Joint Task Force — Afghanistan, for dropping "insensitive" religious materials in Parwan Province on Tuesday.

"The design of the leaflets mistakenly contained an image highly offensive to both Muslims and the religion of Islam," the senior U.S. commander said. "I sincerely apologize. We have the deepest respect for Islam and our Muslim partners worldwide."

According to Reuters, the leaflet was a passage from the Quran that was superimposed over the image of a dog. Islam considers dogs unclean, and many were angry about the use of the image in the context of the Quran's sacred texts.

Linder said there is "no excuse" and said he was reviewing the procedures that allowed the leaflet drop to take place.

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 Source: Washington Examiner
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