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  • 2018-11-12
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Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is now representing a client, who alleges that Fox News' Tucker Carlson assaulted him.

Carlson has a vastly different account, saying the incident began when the man called his teenage daughter a "whore" and "c---" because he didn't like her father. (Politico)

He acknowledged that his son then confronted the man and threw wine at him. But Carlson maintains neither he nor his son assaulted the man involved. Avenatti disputed that account, saying it’s an “absolute lie.”

The video, caught on another patron’s cellphone, captures part of an argument involving Carlson and a man seated at the bar, whom Avenatti describes in the tweet as a “gay Latino immigrant.” Only a portion of the video was released.

“Guys. Guys, get the f--- out of here,” Carlson, who is seen standing near the bar, can be heard saying. An individual in the video can be seen grabbing a man by the collar. That’s when another person intercedes: “Hey. Hey! … There’s no excuse for violence.” Another person interjects, asking: “Did you see what he did?”

Carlson detailed the incident to the club's management. After an internal investigation, they revoked his membership.

Of course, Avenatti is claiming his client is the "victim."


 Source: AAN
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