Trump Supporters Score Victory Against Liberal Mob, Police Enablers

  • 2018-07-31
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Trump Supporters Score Victory Against Liberal Mob, Police Enablers
By Shay Sowden ( [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made another surprise ruling, this time in favor of Trump supporters who were brutalized by a leftist mob while members of the San Jose Police Department stood idly by.

Matt Vespa, of Townhall, has more:

Remember the Trump rally in San Jose, California In June of 2016? It was a complete and total disgrace, not because it was a Trump rally, but because hordes intolerant liberals decided it was totally fine to assault people with whom they disagree politically. Punches were thrown, along with eggs, at Trump supporters because, well, they weren’t supporting Hillary Clinton. This is the Left. This is how they all are: intolerant, insufferable, condescending, unhinged, and violent. Wait—what about the San Jose police? Well, they totally lost control of the situation, leading to scores of anti-Trump protesters chasing down Trump supporters. It was mob rule. It’s behavior liberals desperately want in this country: a tyrannical mob beating up people they hate. It’s why the upcoming 2018 and 2020 elections are so critical, folks. We cannot let these despicable people win. 



Trump supporters who were brutalized by this left-wing mob of deplorables filed a lawsuit against the San Jose Police Department. Well, the Ninth Circuit ruled that their lawsuit could go forward.

One plaintiff claims an officer told her police were forbidden to intervene in the melee. In contrast, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia praised the officers for their restraint and city lawyers said the police did not create the volatile environment nor should be second-guessed for their decisions.

However, the court ruled 3-0 that the officers on duty knew about violence at past Trump campaign rallies, thereby allowing the plaintiffs' lawsuit to proceed.

The judges further said if the Trump supporters prove their allegations, they would indisputably show the San Jose Police increased the danger to Trump supporters by knowingly exposing them to risk and preventing them from reaching safety.

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