Trump's Campaign Spokeswoman Calls for Massive White House Shakeup

Katrina Pierson, the former presidential campaign spokesman to Donald Trump who played a prominent role in the campaign but did not take a White House job, publicly called Monday for a staff shake-up at the White House.

"I think there should be a shake-up at the White House starting at the very top," Pierson said on Fox News, an apparent call for chief of staff Reince Priebus to be replaced.

"What is happening today, especially with all of these leaks, no one's been held accountable," she said. "And that is the chief of staff's responsibility, and I believe that needs to be addressed."

Both Pierson and Priebus come from different sides of the Trump coalition: Priebus served as chairman of the Republican National Committee until joining the administration; Pierson is a former Tea Party activist who unsuccessfully challenged Texas Rep. Pete Sessions in the Republican primary in 2014.
 Source: Washington Examiner
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