Trump's Approval Numbers Are Big League

  • 06/16/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Donald Trump’s poll numbers are great again: 50% of likely U.S. voters now approve of his actions as President—his highest poll numbers since April.

Even more impressive, 31% of the electorate “strongly approves” of Trump—showing that, despite the ups and downs of his President, he had managed to hold on to the strong support from his base.

However, despite Trump surging in the approval polls—up from a low of 42% two months ago—an equal proportion of voters, 50%, disapprove of the job he’s doing. That includes 42% of the electorate who strongly disapprove of Trump.

Despite the headwinds Trump faces—namely, his admission this week that he’s under investigation for firing former FBI Director James Comey—he’s buoyed by a strong economy and a growing number of Americans who feel that the country is on the right track after 8 years of Obama.

The left continues to call for Trump’s impeachment—or, in one misguided article from the Huffington Post, Trump’s “execution”—but it’s clear that, while the country remains polarized, Trump can still count on a large base of support to get him through the months ahead.
 Source: AAN
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