Trump Pulls Out of Faulty U.N. Organization

  • 2018-06-20
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Trump Pulls Out of Faulty U.N. Organization
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The anti-Israel, U.N. Human Rights Council has become the second international group the Trump administration has left.

Officials announced yesterday the United States is leaving over the council's "chronic bias" against the Jewish state. (The Hill)

It is possible that there is no more misplaced and absurdly titled international body than the United Nations Human Rights Council. Though the name sounds noble, its work is anything but, so it is entirely correct that the United States no longer plays along with this macabre charade and has officially withdrawn from the organization.

Like all United Nations bodies, the UNHRC is a sum of its parts and, on closer inspection of the countries that make up the council such as Afghanistan, Qatar, Cuba, and China, it is clear that the “inmates are running the asylum.”

Only a minority of the 47 nations on the UNHRC are considered “free” by the independent NGO Freedom House. The majority of nations currently represented on this self-styled “human rights” body do not allow basic freedoms for their own people, let alone concern themselves with global civil liberties.
In fact, many repressive countries seek a seat on the council not to advance the vision of Eleanor Roosevelt, chair of the committee that drafted and approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but to serve as a barrier against the possibility of investigation and condemnation. It’s a strategy that has worked well for many countries where there is no democracy, freedom of religion, protections for minorities, or women’s rights.

Perhaps the United States' decision to leave this charade could lead to some meaningful reform at the U.N. We won't hold our breath.
 Source: AAN
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