Trump to Launch ‘Made in America' Campaign

  • 07/16/2017 03:29 PM
  • Source: TheHill
  • by: Josh Delk
Trump to Launch  ‘Made in America' Campaign
The White House is launching a three week "Made in America" messaging campaign on Monday to refocus President Trump's public agenda.

The three week emphasis on key tenants of Trump's agenda will likely serve as preparation for the Senate's push to rewrite the U.S. tax code. 

Following a week highlighting American-made products, next week - called "American Heroes" week - is expected to focus on American jobs, with the following week devoted to the "American Dream," according to a White House official.

Despite the strong push to pass a Republican alternative to ObamaCare through the Senate this month, the White House is not planning a week to focus on healthcare. 
 Source: TheHill
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