Trump Gives Caravan Second Thoughts After THIS

  • 2018-11-09
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff
A withering salvo from President Trump may give migrants gradually approaching the southern border second thoughts about seeking asylum in the U.S. (Fox News)

The caravan, numbering roughly 6,000, spent one more night in Mexico City before continuing north to Queretaro.

However, in a statement issued jointly by the DHS and DOJ, the administration said migrants will not be allowed to enter the U.S. illegally to file asylum claims, which is how the vast majority of roughly 150,000 Central American families and children entered the U.S. last fiscal year.

Instead, they will be required to enter through official ports of entry, like those near San Diego, Yuma and El Paso. By issuing the new directive, the President is creating a bottleneck by funneling tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to already overcrowded ports.

With long lines, and long wait times adding up to several months, most migrants will have no choice but to turn around or pursue jobs in Mexico. Others, impatient, will try to cross illegally. If caught, they will lose the right to apply for legal entry for 3 to 10 years.

 Source: AAN
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