Trump Breaks Another Fundraising Record.

Trump Breaks Another Fundraising Record.
By Gage Skidmore
The Republican National Committee set another fundraising record of $13.4 million in the month of June, bringing their total 2017 fundraising effort to an impressive $75.3 million.

In records provided to The Hill, the RNC revealed it had raised $13.4 million in June, the highest ever in a non-presidential election year, and had $44.7 million in the bank.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel credited the figures to the RNC’s “loyal network of grassroots donors” supportive of President Trump’s agenda.

“Because of the generous contributions, the RNC will continue to promote conservative values while bolstering our efforts to support, defend, and elect more Republicans,” McDaniel said in a statement.
 Source: Breitbart News
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