Transsexual Traitor Honored At Gay Pride Parade

  • 06/27/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Chelsea Manning, who spent almost a decade behind bars for an act of espionage against the U.S. government, was honored at New York Pride.

Wearing a red plaid dress, Manning was the featured guest of the ACLU, riding on their flight. Allegedly, because she attended as part of the ACLU, her appearance wasn’t known to parade organizers until the last minute.

Manning came out as transgender while in military prison. Despite being responsible for leaking nearly 750,000 classified intelligence documents to WikiLeaks, she served just 7 years of a 35-year sentence—before getting clemency from Barack Obama earlier this year, in one of his final acts as President.

Since coming out, Manning has remade herself as a trans celebrity, rather than a traitor who endangered national security, even while serving in prison. And since her release, Manning has made a number of appearances promoting trans rights.

As liberals lurched to the left following President Trump’s inauguration, formerly uncontroversial parades have become increasingly exclusive and political.

Last weekend, Chicago’s “Dyke March” banned three women for a Jewish pride flag, with organizers claiming that the parade was “pro-Palestine.” Earlier this month, the New York Puerto Rican Day Parade honored Oscar Lopez Rivera—a Puerto Rican terrorist who was in prison since 1981 for planting more than 120 bombs. His sentence was also commuted by Obama.
 Source: AAN
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